30 Ways to Support Black Lives Matter

Random Observation/Comment #665: The work happens when topics aren’t trending.

Why this List?

The systemic divide in racism and poverty has been surfaced more clearly through the lens of this pandemic. One’s preexisting economic condition has correlation to susceptibility of contracting and dying from COVID-19. Being poor is expensive. This movement does stand for so much more, but the problem is ingrained racism. If you’re wondering how you can do your part – be creative with the skills you have. “Be a lamp, a light bulb, or a ladder.”

  1. If you’re able to, Join the peaceful protests in a peaceful way. Remember to wear double masks since we’re still in the middle of a pandemic.
  2. If you have funds, Donate directly to Black Lives Matter movements
    Black Lives Matter
    Black Visions Collective
    Reclaim the Block
    Official George Floyd Memorial Fund
  3. If you have free time (which you do), Educate yourself about the struggle – we live in bubbles
  4. If you have funds, Donate to local initiatives ( Help NYC Protestors )
  5. If you have funds, Donate to bail fundshttps://bailfunds.github.io/
  6. If you have an email, Support legal guilds that have been providing free resources to protesters – Google Sheets of free legal resources
  7. If you have an email, Sign petitionsJustice for George Floyd
  8. If you can vote, Vote for politicians that have clear history of supporting these issues
  9. If you have time to write or call, Contact your local government officials
  10. If you have a social media account, Show solidarity with your community with likes and retweets – spread the word and start conversations
  11. If you know friends protesting, Support protesters by being their emergency contact or helping them think through a safety plan
  12. If you have funds, Support Black owned restaurantsGoogle sheets of NYC restaurants
  13. If you have an email, Support justice reformcampaign zero on how to stop police brutality
  14. If you need table conversation, Talk about it with your friends and family – bring to the table actions
  15. If you’re a parent, Educate your children. Great podcast on Life Kit about this
  16. If you’re talking about this movement, Try not to hijack the movement and diminish the importance of addressing racism
  17. If you’re in a position of power with your business, Make a public statement and internal one – do not sell. Be thoughtful.
  18. If you’re a business, consider Donating proceeds to one of the many efforts
  19. If you’re a business hiring, Promote diversity on all levels
  20. If you make videos, Address the topic to your viewers
  21. If you’re a photographer, Make photos to tell the story
  22. If you make memes, Keep up that weird and oddly relatable creativity
  23. If you’re on in media, Keep writing and filming coverage
  24. If you’re an artist, Create and share art about how this makes you feel
  25. If you’re a teacher, Make material that addresses this to your subject for your students
  26. If you’re a police officer, Be empathetic and do not resort to violence (we know there’s a job here and we want to protect you because the majority of people are not the problem)
  27. If you work for the state, Advocate for change
  28. If you’re a celebrity, Speak up and speak out
  29. If you’re a poet or writer, Write and remember this movement
  30. Put in the time. Listen. Learn.

~See Lemons Support a Movement