30 NYC Things We’ll Miss

Random Observation/Comment #679: You can take the Wans out of NY, but you can’t take the NY out of the Wans.

Why this list?

We’re settling into Colorado with a view of our Suburban changes. There are some very NYC-specific things we’ll surely miss. Unfortunately, a lot of this list was NYC pre-covid, but maybe we’ll see some resemblance of a new normal in the future (maybe not).

  1. Our friends and family – We didn’t have our last hurrah with everyone that we wanted, but I’m glad I did my #instax film project
  2. Table Tennis at Spin – I am growing an extended TT family here, but I will miss the 12pm-8pm Fridays with day drinking. That will always be my second home.
  3. Top tier restaurants with specialty cuisines – Truly authentic food from all over the world that is best to find. I loved just exploring new places and recommendations.
  4. Dim sum and sushi – I can probably make a whole list just about food, but these two are hard to replace. Some people would say bagel and lox, but I honestly didn’t really eat that many bagels.
  5. Bodegas – These were just so convenient and I loved getting my breakfast sandwiches.
  6. All the coffee shops we tested out – Flat whites from dozens of places within walking distance of my main walking routes.
  7. Fast and reliable Seamless delivery – It’s amazing how many delivery choices you have limited when people drive everywhere and use drive-thrus.
  8. Walking and taking the subway everywhere – I miss the subway commute in a weird way. I have nothing against driving, but I did my best list of 30 writing while standing on a crowded subway.
  9. Walking Daycare drop-off – It’s as hard to get Evie into a car seat as it is a stroller, but I had a lot of “me” time walking there and back.
  10. Morning walks with Akshay – Along with the morning drop-off, I also had a great weekly morning walk with Akshay to just talk about life. It was a nice break.
  11. NYC museums – I’d often take work to the MET or Museum of Natural History when I was having an off day. There’s always a whitepaper to read and some peace and quiet walking around the city.
  12. Skyscrapers – Tall buildings brings me some level of comfort for some reason. I think I took them for granted in many ways.
  13. Architecture – The walking tours (and there are walking tours everywhere) give great detail into the beauty of the old treasurers around the city.
  14. The skyline – I miss the view I had of this from our apartment. Beautiful bridges. Great fireworks.
  15. Date spots – I knew so many places to walk along the waterfronts and places to see along the way
  16. Broadway, Music and Comedy shows – Vinessa and I would plan a show once every 3 months. They were nice date nights and we never ran out of ideas.
  17. Fashion – I honestly don’t mind my hiking boots, shorts, and t-shirts, but it was cool to people-watch and notice great styles.
  18. Routine Saturday walks to the farmer’s market by the park – This was just a great routine to buy fresh vegetables and get Evie some outdoor fresh air around the park.
  19. Rooftop bars and speakeasies – We went to one every other date night just to have a very fancy cocktail and feel special. There were a lot of fun hidden gems.
  20. Boozy Brunch – For all other times, we had delicious boozy brunches around Brooklyn with friends. Eggs benedicts and bloody mary’s. Vinessa would get Bellini’s.
  21. All inclusive weekend trips with Destination Backcountry Adventures – We miss you, Dave!
  22. Watching hockey at the Flying Puck – Yes, I know it has closed down, but I still miss it. I’ll find a way to still watch hockey with some enthusiasts.
  23. Ferry rides – Not necessarily the Staten Island ferry, but the water taxis from Brooklyn to Manhattan
  24. Diversity – This is the outcome of opportunity. Age, race, wealth, gender, attitudes, outlooks, achievements, goals, etc — we walk together on the same streets.
  25. 24/7 Everything – Seriously a city that never sleeps and when I was younger, this was peak springtime of youth exploration.
  26. Graffiti – Rino’s graffiti is pretty great too, but it’s very different when you know the tags and spot the masterpieces.
  27. Street festivals – Block off a whole street and eat some turkey legs. Yes.
  28. Parades – NYC does love its parades. I never really liked standing in one spot, but we did know people with views of popular parade routes.
  29. Sound of sirens throughout the night – This is a weird one, but it gets too quiet in the suburbs. The bustling sounds of the city was a nice sound machine for my slumber.
  30. New Yorkers – There’s this attitude of hostility layered with compassion and friendliness that I’ve grown to love and now miss. Luckily, there are a lot of coastal transplants in the neighborhood.

~See Lemons Miss NY