30 Post-Covid Gift Ideas

Random Observation/Comment #680: I don’t understand how someone can spend millions of dollars on everyday retail things. The most expensive thing I bought was a couch.

Why this List?

After being in lockdown for months, we have all probably bought a lot of stuff on Amazon (I know I definitely have). It’s money I would have spent on dining out or taking work trips attending conferences. Now I have a ridiculously unnecessary (but awesome) home setup. Pretty sure this is how you’re supposed to spend your stimulus check.

Here is the shared Amazon list (that mostly shows stuff that I’ve bought or want to buy). Note that most of these are below $50 and I thought were great investments.

  1. For parents, offer baby sitting for a date night. Fun fact, my date night was just sitting at home watching Halloween movies with my wife.
  2. For singles, suggest a hiking trip like the one with Destination Backcountry Adventures.
  3. For those sick of digital, get them a few jigsaw puzzles. If they have the space, this huge folding table is perfect for the 1000+ pieces.
  4. For those who can’t pay attention during meetings, try this fidget cube or maybe this gyroscope wrist ball thingy that strengthens your forearm for tennis.
  5. For those with young toddlers, get a portable play yard. It’s well contained and helps with standing. Maybe you can get some work done.
  6. For those who work out, get these perfect pushup handles. They make you do a lot more push-ups. Gets easier the more you do them though!
  7. For those that want to try different workouts, get this $265 rower. It doesn’t have the social aspect from peloton, but it works really well and doesn’t take up too much space.
  8. For those always on their phone and also a good mount for the rower, try this phone holder that has flexible legs. I previously used this for standing up my phone as a prompter before I got a second monitor.
  9. For those who do yoga and want to try something different, consider setting up an aerial yoga hammock. It fits well in the basement where I tie it to the exposed beam. I suggest checking with them to see if the setup is possible.
  10. For those with space in a backyard, this actual double hammock is incredible. Holds 500lbs so I can sit in there with the whole family.
  11. For those who like to draw or want to try a drawing journal, consider this notebook with this pen. I love drawing ink black and white on a frequent basis as a wind down routine.
  12. For the Podcaster, get a yearly subscription to their podcast listener of choice. I finally caved and got Stitcher premium and it’s great.
  13. For the video watcher, get a subscription to YouTube premium. It’s crazy how much advertising we watch and it’s so much better for kids when you don’t need to go and skip the ads manually.
  14. For the budding chef, try these salt holders. They rotate outwards and are great for kosher salt so you can pinch and add (instead of pour out on your hand).
  15. For those looking to try something different, get some origami paper and follow some cool YouTube videos.
  16. For those working from home and are looking to improve their ergonomics, try this foot rest. I didn’t think it’d be useful, but it totally makes a difference. You can also look at this stand for your laptop to be eye level. Once you go there, you probably need a separate mouse and keyboard. Then a USB extender because you’ve run out of ports. This is a sinkhole of money for home workplace comfort, but totally worth it.
  17. For those who take off their shoes at home, I think slippers are key. They help with any foot and back pain from walking around in the house all day.
  18. For those who keep their windows open and invariably have flies come in, buy this fly zapper swatter. It’s cruel, but very satisfying when you hit two in one swing.
  19. For those with a basement and want to make it more like a man cave without spending money on a TV, this portable projector is affordable and has enough battery life to work outdoors during a quarantine backyard showing
  20. For those with a backyard area, try out this firepit. It’s not for the lazy, but could be a cool late night activity with burning wood with a few friends. If you get a firepit, you might as well get some retractable pokers for marshmallows.
  21. For those with a Peloton, consider switching the pedals to these with the cage and the standard clip. The peloton clips are way too specific of an accessory and switching to the cage let’s your partner also try it out (hopefully without messing up your positioning).
  22. For those into planting, try getting a vertical stand to better showcase your plants.
  23. For those that want to get a smart home, try the Philips hue bulbs. They’re easy to setup and a good first step in automated lights. You can also just get clap-on clap-off light switches, which is super old school and a great ice breaker if you’re in an argument.
  24. For those who have always wanted to play the piano, get a full size Casio keyboard. This one isn’t too expensive and has a decent feel. You’ll probably also want the stand.
  25. For those who work in the basement, get a heater. Seriously gets cold down there and the heater has been great to keep me from freezing.
  26. For those who need to drink more water (and you probably do), buy a huge liter stein glass if you haven’t stolen one from the Hofbrauhaus during oktoberfest.
  27. For those with a bathtub, my wife loved the bath bombs and candles. For lighting the candle, you can probably buy this lighter.
  28. For those who have LPs, try this vintage suitcase record player. It doesn’t sound amazing, but it’s a great piece that works.
  29. For those who have an echo dot and like star wars, I got Yoda ears.
  30. For the total dad wearing glasses, try these clip on sunglasses. They’re so lame that they’re cool. Yes, I wear these all the time.

Why didn’t I post photos in this list to make it easier instead of clicking all the links? I don’t know. Just look at the wishlist.

~See Lemons Buy Irresponsibly