[Travel Advice] Keystone

Random Observation/Comment #687: I can’t believe this is all just a 1.5-hour drive away. It used to take an hour just to get out of the city.

Things We Loved

  • Driving – The i-70 is just so gorgeous winding between the mountains. While Evie was napping in the car, we just Google’d “scenic drives” and was not disappointed. It’s a great place to shoot a car commercial. We stopped at every scenic stop for a some photos.
  • Hiking – Incredible views of the mountains and lakes that were not too challenging for a 3-year-old to walk for 45 min and then jump into the hiking backpack.
  • Sunrises hitting the tips of mountains – Sunrises are prettier when there’s some fog/mist, but I really just liked it when the tips of the mountains get highlighted. It was like a painting. I guess paintings are like real life.
  • Bourbon (specifically Breckenridge Distillery) – The spiciness goes really well with the Old Fashioned and Manhattan mixes.
  • Crunch of the Snow – Personal favorite sound and satisfaction of walking on the fresh snow. A blissful crunch.
  • Not Skiing – It’s not that we don’t love skiing, but only 20% of trails were open and it looked very crowded. I’d rather skip this year and explore some trails.

Things To Be Aware Of

I have no complaints about the mountains, but these are the general things you should probably be aware of when you head so high up.

  • Elevation – Regular precautions of drinking plenty of water and taking rests because the air is thinner and people get tired faster.
  • Super sunny – “It’s like we’re driving into the sun.” Sunglasses are a must (for safety, as well as looking cool). Don’t forget the sunscreen around the cheeks because I totally got sunburnt just from driving.
  • Dryness – It feels like your eyeballs might dry out. Definitely fill up your humidifiers.
  • Speed traps – Most ski towns are very strict with their speed traps. I wouldn’t even go 5 miles above the speed limit.
  • High gas prices – Luckily, I filled up before I started the drive and was able to go from Denver to Breckenridge and back (plus driving everyday at least 4 hours). Yay 27 mpg Subaru Forester.
  • Download an Audiobook – Any good road trip has a solid audiobook

Our Itinerary


Left around 2pm to get fully settled in by 4pm

Stayed at Tando’s place that’s listed on Vacasa: https://www.vacasa.com/unit.php?UnitID=27955

Picked up pizza at Last Chance pizza
The calzones are actually much better than the regular pies. That last spread of garlic butter is fantastic.


Breakfast at Pour House
Really delicious Huevos Rancheros burrito

Hiking to see the troll

Hiking the Illinois creek trail

Ramen lunch at Breckenridge Distillery

Drive through Swan Mountain Road and then up Loveland pass

Burgers at Goat Soup & Whiskey


Breakfast at Pour House
Breakfast sandwiches were also awesome. Evie ate a whole croissant

Hiking at Ptarmigan Trail

Lunch at Lili’s Bistro
Omg get the cocaine tacos. They are certainly addictive.

Drive to Vail via i70

Drive around Copper Mountain at some stops

To-go dinner of appetizers from Breckenridge Distillery
Ribs and wings were excellent. Had to finish our other leftovers.


Brunch at Bread+Salt

Walking around Lake Dillon

Drive through pretty areas before heading home by 4PM

~See Lemons Love Keystone