30 Favorite Lists of 30

Random Observation/Comment #689: So far I’ve written 150+ Lists of 30 over the past 8 years. From 30 day challenge to book to blogging to podcast.

Why this list?

My podcast is up on listsof30.com fully hosted by Substack (free!) and RSS feed distributed across Stitcher, Spotify, Pocketcasts, Apple, and Google (indexing). It only took around 2 hours to setup, so I’ll have a separate post on my journey.

Since I’m limiting it to a short series (10-15 weeks of 5-10 min recordings), I was reading through old lists and wondering what would make good content. Here’s the lists with the high level categorization.

  1. 30 Reasons why I love Lists of 30 and 30 Principles of Writing Lists of 30Intro – Writing lists of 30 and why I still do it.
  2. 30 Things to be Thankful for in 2020Macro – This year has been crap, but there’s a silver lining.
  3. 30 Priceless Birthday GiftsSelf – Priceless birthday gifts that I find valuable
  4. 30 Year End ActivitiesSelf – What end of year rituals do you have?
  5. 30 Micro Resolutions and 30 Micro Resolution CategoriesSelf – Make micro resolutions
  6. 30 Questions I’d Ask Future ClemensSelf – I wrote this back in 2014 and it’s published in my book, so I thought I’d revisit it
  7. 30 Ways to Get Cryptocurrency Exposure and 30 Ethereum Things to be Thankful ForCrypto – If you’re interested in crypto, here are some ways to get exposure in your portfolio.
  8. 30 Things Not Going Back to NormalMacro – What’s the new normal?
  9. 30 Remote Culture ActivitiesWork – Remote work requires a new way of getting people involved and engaged
  10. 30 Joint WFH TipsWork – Working at home with your significant other or crying toddler is not easy. Here’s how we approached it.
  11. 30 Names for this EraMacro – What will we call this time period?
  12. 30 Identity TraitsSelf – How do you see yourself and others?
  13. 30 Suburban Life ChangesSelf (Living) – If you’ve moved to the suburbs, you’ve probably noticed these changes.
  14. 30 Ways to Evaluate NewsSelf (Reading) – How do you interpret the news?
  15. 30 Recurring BillsSelf (Finances) – Evaluate your bills and recurring costs.
  16. 30 Global WorriesMacro – A little glum and written before a pandemic, but a lot is still relevant.
  17. 30 Ways to DisconnectSelf – Disconnect from online and feel free.
  18. 30 Requirements for a HomeSelf (Living) – Even before the pandemic, we were thinking about where to live long term.
  19. 30 Survival SkillsSelf – What should you likely learn if
  20. 30 Things I Suck AtSelf – What do you Suck at? Are you looking to get better or build partnerships and friendships that fill those gaps?
  21. 30 Clembot Productivity HacksSelf – How do you become more productive? What systems are in place?
  22. 30 Fundamental Development Areas and 30 Things to Teach my Future KidParenting – What areas do we look at when fostering development?
  23. 30 Non-TV Toddler ActivitiesParenting – What do we do to help with reducing screen time?
  24. 30 Questions for ProfessionalsWork – We use this for interviewing, but also learning more about how people work.
  25. 30 Most Attractive TraitsSelf – This is what I find attractive. It took a long time to find someone that checks all the boxes
  26. 30 Talents I’d Learn if I were Stuck in Groundhogs DaySelf – If you get bored, you can consider some of these hobbies or things you can get better in.
  27. 30 Conference Go-er TipsWork – If you attend conferences, here’s what I follow for getting the most out of it. Added comments on virtual conference changes.
  28. 30 Steps Projects Become ProductsWork – Walking through a typical project life cycle and how we evaluate it to add more funding and customer validation.
  29. 30 TEDx ThemesMacro – What topics and names for themes could be interesting?
  30. 30 Milestone QuestionsSelf – Answering my own set of milestone questions and self reflection.

Scheduling it into the Podcast

There’s a few approaches I thought about:

  • Special topics around holidays / birthday – Lists that can be boosted by sharing related to calendar timeliness (e.g. Micro-resolutions, Priceless birthday gifts, etc)
  • Stretch covering one category – 3 back-to-back episodes just on a special topic like crypto, covid, or productivity hacks
  • Days of the week coverage – Monday for macro, Wed for work-related, Fri for self-reflection – Requires an evener distribution of topics
  • Bringing in guests – Probably the hardest thing to do in my opinion (but the most worthwhile). I will see who’s willing to talk to me about this stuff.

I think I’m going to wing it. Currently working on the music intro/outro production value and getting some new equipment. More to come!

~See Lemons Get into Podcasting