30 WallStreetBets (WSB) Terms

Random Observation/Comment #697: Today’s trading is basically gambling. Follow those meme stocks.

Reminded me of the WSB guy

Why this List?

I joined WSB a few years ago for pure entertainment and sometimes pretty good due diligence. If you read enough of the threads, you start to catch onto the common lingo. The group doesn’t really take itself that seriously, so there was a clear distinction that it was totally not trading advice (plus most of it was terrible outlandish advice).

Who would have thought that meme stocks would be more profitable than real fundamental analysis? Hopefully markets go back to a steady state, but until then I’m expecting some volatility in the coming weeks.

Note: Apologies for profanity, but this is just how people trash talk on the channel. Also, I don’t know how to do emojis here. Also also, a lot of these terms are also used in reddit more broadly and crypto.

  1. Stonks – I guess you can’t be giving investment advice if it’s just for stonks.
  2. Autists – Not meant to be offensive, but everyone in the group accepts the description.
  3. Apes / Monkey (gorilla emoji) / “Apes together strong” – For those less comfortable with using autists, have referred to the community of apes as lowly retail investors.
  4. Degenerates – Embracing the self-deprecating terms for the hoard
  5. YOLO / yeet – “You Only Live Once” style trading without any need for diversification to put life savings into one trading play. “YOLO $100k into $GME”
  6. Full Retard – Usually self-referential term in a post where you’ve shown your YOLO positions.
  7. Tendies – Small gains from trading that you can cash out to go to McDonalds to buy some chicken tenders. It’s been used overall as just general gains after withdrawing from the market.
  8. Diamond hands (diamond and hands up emojis) – Never selling and keep holding. Unclear what the exit strategy is for this.
  9. Paper hands (toilet paper and hands up emojis) – Weak hands selling (hopefully for a profit) and retrospectively after a larger gain was possible.
  10. To the moon / Rocket (rocket and moon emoji) – When a stonk rockets up in price.
  11. Bagholders – People with large positions on the stock.
  12. DD – Due Diligence – There’s surprisingly some well researched posts in the midst of an avalanche of inappropriate jokes.
  13. “Fuck it, I’m in” – Common comment that is likely a bot, but somewhat convincing of an unconvincing argument.
  14. “This guy fucks” – No idea how this started, but just a term of endearment for OP (Original Poster).
  15. “I like this stock” – Another random comment that makes me think it’s bot-related, but it’s a buying indicator sentiment.
  16. Two/Three comma club – Millionaires and billionaires – More recently, people have bragged their positions entering the 2 comma club while $GME has made some three comma people cry.
  17. Money printer go brrrrr – FED printing money and floating repos and stocks.
  18. Stonks only go up – Because of the money printer, but also in jest that the bull market is standard.
  19. Buy the dip – Said during stock pull backs to add larger positions instead or selling.
  20. Hold the line – “hodl” as Hold On for Dear Life – Asking people to not sell and believe in the long term growth.
  21. “This is the way” – Threads of agreement to trades or positions.
  22. “Your wife’s bf” – Often a topic to poke at posters who spend too much time on stocks that their wives get bfs.
  23. 69,420 – The specific moon price.
  24. “Literally can’t go tits up” – Sarcastically egging on the crowd. Usually at the end of a post that shills a stock.
  25. KYS – Keep Yourself Safe – take your money off the table.
  26. Gay bears (rainbow and bear emojis) – Referring to those making moves that are hoping the market falls. Short sellers.
  27. Gain/Loss porn – Posting positions and seeing some ridiculous bets.
  28. u/DeepFuckingValue (DFV) – Legend that YOLO’d and turned $50k to $40mil+ off of $GME. Still holding.
  29. “Sir, this is a casino” – Clearly the right way to look at this.
  30. $ROPE – Inevitable losses from these frothy markets.

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