30 Post-Covid Things We Can’t Wait to Do

Random Observation/Comment #704: It’s weird being skeptical about being hopeful. I hope I haven’t become a pessimist or cynic coming out of this pandemic.

Bear coming out of hibernation

Why this list?

We totally have pandemic fatigue (again). There were bouts of productivity with waves of regression. I’m so ready to execute on these travel plans once we’re in line for the vaccine.

When? Hopefully summer? Latest CDC guidance is encouraging. The first priority plan is to have the grandparents come by to see Evie (and then maybe give Vinessa and I the opportunity to take a weekend trip to steamboat springs or skiing).

  1. See family and friends in NY – We’ll hopefully find a week or so in the late summer to do a trip?
  2. Eat my Mom’s cooking – I love those soups and miss family dinners. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year.
  3. Have a beer with my Dad and talk about the markets – Hopefully he’ll like these Colorado IPAs.
  4. Drop off Evie with the grandparents so I can go on a date with Vinessa – We should probably just get a babysitter anyway.
  5. Give hugs and complicated handshakes – Obviously washing our hands before doing so
  6. Sing some karaoke! – Makes me think I should have practiced while in lockdown.
  7. Watch a movie at Alamo Drafthouse (hopefully before they close completely) – This would be a great date night if it included flying to NY to do it.
  8. Watch a live podcast taping so I can see the people who have been keeping me company and my mind occupied for the past year
  9. Go to a live concert – We already have one planned at Red Rocks over the summer. More importantly, I’d like to see James play live while he’s on tour.
  10. Watch a Broadway show when we visit NY
  11. Watch some bad standup comedy with jokes that are clearly ‘too soon’
  12. Host dinners and potlucks for new neighbor friends
  13. Consistently attend our neighborhood beer dad club / whisky council
  14. Go into the office (if this even still exists) to probably not do any work, but rather see some coworkers outside of the computer screen. Consistently seeing some coworkers would be great regardless.
  15. Attend a conference and see some of the OG groups again
  16. Fly outside of North America – I’m sure these travel bans will take time to lift
  17. Do a bear trip! I miss bear trips.
  18. Do a yoga class – I do have an aerial yoga setup
  19. Explore downtown Denver and the different restaurants – Another great date idea
  20. Go shopping at a mall and just browse random things – I miss spending time browsing instead of ordering everything online
  21. Go to a Turkish or Korean bath and sit in a sauna all day – I miss Spa World from Japan
  22. Go dancing at a club – I don’t even like clubs, but I’m going to one. Maybe in Ibiza. I’ll just want that feeling of pulling a friend through a crowded bar.
  23. Have some friends from NY travel to Denver to see our new digs (or relatively new digs)
  24. Dress up nicely (or at least try a little bit) – Maybe I’ll even wear one of my suits collecting dust in my closet (if they still fit)
  25. Talk to strangers (at a bar or in general) – I just miss talking to random people about random things
  26. Play lazertag or go to an arcade with a ball pit
  27. Go to Disney World – Probably a lot of people will be doing this
  28. Try some Costco samples
  29. Make a calendar plan to celebrate a random holiday event/party every month. It could be cultural (e.g. Valentines Day, Chinese New Year, St Patricks Day, Purim, Dia de los Muertos, Earth Day, Independence Day, Oktoberfest, Halloween, etc) or sports related (e.g. Superbowl, NHL playoffs). We’ll probably rotate between houses in the neighborhood for this.
  30. Play TT at Spin NY

~See Lemons Hope this is Over Soon