30 More Lists of 30s

Random Observation/Comment #707: It’s important to celebrate success. Through the peak of work, the downtime is much deserved.

High Five!

Why this List?

Now that I’ve finished recording 30 episodes of Life in Lists of 30 (yay!), I’ve thought about what other lists I can recommend. Some useful links from this series:

I don’t think it’s productive to create a recording for all of my previous lists of 30. I would rather use the podcasting journey for connecting with my friends and new people in this ecosystem. A change of format will be useful and promote more connectivity. If lockdown is lifted, then it might be fun to do recordings in-person when people come visit me in Denver.

That being said, I don’t have a shortage of lists of 30 so I might publish these once a week on listsof30.com to keep things moving. Here’s my next top 30 in case you’re interested.

  1. 30 Post-Covid Things We Can’t Wait to Do – It’s serious pandemic fatigue. Give me a hug.
  2. 30 Skills Honed during Covid – I’ve kept busy/occupied.
  3. 30 Feelings for 2020 – Lots of positive and negative feelings.
  4. 30 Random 2020 Insights – From my regular Keep Notes without context.
  5. 30 Technical Trading Terms – In case you watch YouTube trading videos like I do.
  6. 30 Guinea Pigs Things I Learned – Love my little boys!
  7. 30 Blockchain Institutional Activities – If you’re an institution trying to build on or prepare for Crypto Narnia.
  8. 30 Wall Street Bets Terms – Without context, these terms made sense for me to push forward for WSB culture.
  9. 30 Post Covid Gift Ideas – In case you want to buy your friends some things while they’re stuck in lockdown
  10. 30 Communities and Your Role – Which areas do you want to contribute and what role do you want to play?
  11. 30 Ethereum Things to be Thankful For – Just an Ethereum fanboy looking at all the cool stuff that comes out of the box
  12. 30 Things to be Thankful for in 2020 – Even though it was a crappy year, there are some silver linings
  13. 30 Ways to Grow a Virtual Community – With the growth of smaller digital pods, I thought these suggestions were useful in finding common ground and getting recurring value in contributing
  14. 30 Important Contacts – These are people I’d like to be more well connected with throughout my life and career. Hopefully some of these types are good friends and mentors.
  15. 30 NYC Things We’ll Miss – I miss NYC like I miss being young. I obviously love the adventure and life style, but I’m also doing a lot of suburban grown-up things.
  16. 30 House Things to Care About – Having a house is very different from an apartment. What’s a garage? What’s a doorbell?
  17. 30 Favorite Animes – Started watching some of my old animes during lockdown and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  18. 30 Things SAs Do – I’m a solutions architect at work and most people don’t know what that means, so a good list of 30 exercise.
  19. 30 Parent Child Halloween Costumes – Who doesn’t love Halloween? I can’t wait to try some more of these out in the years to come.
  20. 30 New Little Things – Life is about the little things.
  21. 30 Signs of Parenting Addiction – I’m clearly addicted to parenting and parent-hacks.
  22. 30 Drinking Tips for 30 year olds – I’ve needed to adjust my drinking pace. Pandemic alcoholism is real.
  23. 30 Fyre Festival Memories – Definitely still remember Fyre festival. I was on the Amazon show background!
  24. 30 Things Learned from Clemens – Tribute from a good friend.
  25. 30 Kung Fu Movie Cliches – Love kung fu movies and their cliches.
  26. 30 Steps to Prepare a Speech – The process of prepping a speech is almost as valuable as giving it.
  27. 30 Favorite Quotes – Just some random favorite quotes.
  28. 30 Favorite Foods – I eat all the foods.
  29. 30 Essential Items – These are the things I spend money on. A bit outdated, but still relevant.
  30. 30 Things to Do With Crypto – There’s so much to do above and beyond speculation.

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