30 Things I Don’t Care For

Random Observation/Comment #709: Sometimes it’s good to figure out what you shouldn’t think about. These topics that cross my mind just fly right through with a shrug and “mweh.”

Why this List?

I have a very curated digital bubble. I am interested in a lot of things (there’s a whole list of 30 Communities for that), but there are just areas I personally don’t spend any time thinking about. Some of it is not knowing enough about to have a strong opinion, while others is just keeping life simple. Pare down your distractions!

  1. Sports (other than table tennis) – I obviously know how the games work, but I don’t follow it at all. Don’t ask me about stats or even major events. I do enjoy the act of watching it with friends.
  2. Online clothes shopping – I’ve had the same clothes for the past 5 years. It’s even more relaxed now that I work at a start up and literally have been in sweatpants for a year.
  3. Makeup / Cosmetics – Not that I ever wore makeup, but I don’t even care if people wear it.
  4. Horror movies and gore – It doesn’t bring me joy.
  5. Physical mail – How do I get off these lists? Why do I still have to open this mail?
  6. Lawncare – This is the whole reason why I don’t want a lawn and I rather pay my neighbor’s kid to mow the small space we have.
  7. Strict diets – I have my own set of rules to balance my consumption amounts, but I tend to eat everything and anything. There’s always a special occasion for a treat.
  8. Specialty soaps – I’m okay with anything that lathers. Buy it in bulk.
  9. Candles – I do like the ones that smell like you’ve just baked cookies, but then again, I can just bake cookies. The candle making process is pretty cool, but this does not occupy space in my brain.
  10. Coupons – It’s not about being thrifty or saving money, but I think the time spent cutting them or scanning them isn’t worth my extra time. My Mom is going to hate this one.
  11. US History – I do know bits and pieces from documentaries here and there, but I’ve never gotten into being a historian. I know the value of learning from the past and predicting the future set of humanity patterns from it. My brain does not care for memorizing any dates.
  12. Horoscopes – I couldn’t even name all the animals or what they mean. It doesn’t make sense to me.
  13. Gambling – Even though options trading is like gambling, you at least have some information to play smart. I don’t gamble with more than $20 in real life at casinos. Sign me up to the old lady slot machines.
  14. Jewelry – I do care about watches because they’re beautiful time pieces, but I personally don’t wear anything except glasses. Anything on my wrist leads to carpel tunnel and I’ve outgrown the necklace bling phase of my life
  15. Piercings – I’ve never considered it and don’t really understand the appeal for piercings.
  16. Biceps / Weight Training – I don’t think I’ve ever done curls or used weights in my decades of exercise. It’s bad to not work out all parts of your body equally, so maybe I should care about this, but I currently do what has low impact.
  17. Sodas – There’s a bit of a love for Mexi-coke, but not really into sugary drinks.
  18. Rollercoasters – It’s been ages since I’ve been to a theme park and I never feel great after going on a rollercoaster. I’m okay to live without it.
  19. Office politics – It’s something I’ve stayed away from; especially power struggles and land grabbing. I’m perfectly happy with being a team player instead of a team lead and have to worry about budgets.
  20. Celebrity gossip – I don’t know names that well to begin with, and know even less about their lives
  21. Soap operas – There were some TVB shows that were pretty addictive, but I haven’t followed a long running drama since Naruto.
  22. Sun tanning – This is something I don’t understanding, not because I have the Asian culture belief of pale skin showing royalty, but because it gets so hot and looks so weird most of the time.
  23. Exotic pets – I’ve never had the urge to get a snake or tarantula. I’m probably not used to taking care of any pet, TBH. It was a pretty shocking thing to get a Guinea pig.
  24. All-nighters – With work it’s sometimes needed if there’s a last minute urgent and important deadline, but I maybe have one every year. Sleep is too important. Same with partying – let’s wake up at a reasonable time instead of sleeping through my most productive time of day.
  25. Fighting – I like watching it and used to take Aikido, but I feel very brittle. I hurt my back sneezing the other day. That being said, we do have a punching bag and I did just play an Oculus Quest 2 boxing game.
  26. Flipping real estate – I don’t have the appetite for it. Housing has always given me headaches. I’d live more in virtual real estate.
  27. Pornography – I’ve watched it, but I don’t think I’ve ever really enjoyed it for the characters or plot points. There’s a lot of shame in culture around porn. It’s such a weird genre of entertainment.
  28. External guilt – I don’t think I have Catholic white guilt engrained in me. I feel a level of disgrace and disrespect if I do things wrong from a deep rooted Chinese stand point, but it’s not guilt.
  29. Doom scrolling – It’s hard to avoid, but I’m hoping my curated algorithm shows me happier stuff. I don’t have any notifications, so I try to only look deep into one topic once a day rather than do the high frequency trading equivalent of internalizing opinions
  30. Clowns – Why you so scary?

Personal value

This was a surprisingly hard list to write. I tend to care about a lot, but I think it’s important to narrow your focus or else you’ll be good at some things and never great at one thing. There’s value in being passionate and contributing.

~See Lemons Care Selectively