30 Icebreaker questions

Random Observation/Comment #711: I’m so bad at telling jokes. What was that one with the polar bear on a iceberg? Damn.

Why this List?

When forming a community or closer bond with strangers, I’ve always kept a list of random questions in my back pocket to ask. If you want more people to contribute, you can consider asking these questions in a random slack channel. Everyone needs a bit of a writing prompt to get engaged and revisit the community. We tried this within our own company as a curated list of questions while we were stuck in lock-down. This is when we thought it would last a few months rather than a year.

I have a separate list of 30 Ways to Grow a Virtual Community. I have a separate post about how to make friends as an adult and maybe some of these questions would come up. Also, I personally wouldn’t answer all or any of these questions truthfully in case the answers compromise some of your passwords or security settings. It’s just a fun activity.

  1. What song is in your power playlist?
  2. What’s your product nightmare?
  3. ‎Favorite snack for the meeting?
  4. ‎What’s your go-to healthy meal? Guilty pleasure?
  5. What book/podcast do you recommend?
  6. What is the best experience, development, or lesson as a result of/from lockdown?
  7. Fantasy lunch edition – Name one dead and one alive person with whom you’d like to have lunch with. Give a short reason why.
  8. If someone were to come into your home and steal from whatever was sitting on top of your fridge, what would that be?
  9. If you could pick one place where you can work remotely, where would that be? Factor in weather, activities, finance, etc
  10. Recommend a product or purchase you’ve enjoyed. Links appreciated.
  11. If you’re a parent, what item do you recommend other parents get for their kids?
  12. What skill have you learned from lockdown?
  13. Post a picture of your bicycle (scooter, tricycle, unicycle).
  14. Favorite game show?
  15. The Great pizza debate: Is it acceptable to put pineapples on pizza? Yes or no?
  16. Favorite sports team?
  17. What’s the best thing you purchased under $100?
  18. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  19. What’s your favorite meme? Links.
  20. Favorite condiment?
  21. What is your favorite website? If you indicate reddit, pick a subreddit. Can’t say Google.
  22. What’s the oddest thing you have thought of cooking during lockdown?
  23. Favorite video game?
  24. It’s a wild time to be alive. Is it a simulation? Start your answer with yes or no. Include links to support your position
  25. What book have you re-read?
  26. Favorite ice cream flavor?
  27. What take away restaurant did you order from most during lockdown?
  28. What is your spirit animal?
  29. Favorite cereal?
  30. If you could have one super power, what would it be? – The clear answer is Jedi Powers, right?

~See Lemons Break the Ice