30 Ways to Improve your Morning

Random Observation/Comment #713: A good morning leads to a good day.

Why this List?

You can tell a lot about a person based on what they do within the first hour of waking up. I follow a fairly focused routine in order to get my day setup for success.

  1. Avoid picking up your phone and checking the news – If possible, don’t even touch your phone, but I get checking for important meetings. Definitely avoiding the news in the morning.
  2. Train yourself to wake up early and enjoy the time to yourself for planning and reflecting – I really like 5:30/6am mornings. I’d make efforts to sleep earlier in order to use the morning time more wisely.
  3. Sleep a consistent amount by going to bed at the same time every night – This is an interesting one because I like to sleep before 10pm, but I also work best from 10pm-11:30pm. I tend to make a tradeoff based on the amount of work I have or 30 day challenges I’ve set.
  4. Avoid screens 1 hr before bedtime and read a good book or write in your journal instead – I’m not the best at staying off my phone, but I consciously prod myself to put the phone down (even if it’s just watching TV instead)
  5. Avoid eating or drinking 2 hours before bedtime – Your stomach will work hard to digest food. It’s also not great for acid reflux if you’re going to bed with a full stomach.
  6. Pour yourself a glass of water the night before and drink it all when you wake up to rehydrate – That first glass of water is even more effective than coffee for me.
  7. Stop snoozing in the morning – It doesn’t make you feel less tired unless you cover the 90-minute cycle. I personally just get up and go.
  8. Move a little – Do some jumping jacks or push ups right away to get the blood pumping. Even just stretching helps with getting the body limber.
  9. Spend 5 minutes on hygiene – Brushing teeth, shaving, washing face, and putting on sunscreen. A small ritual will make you feel more refreshed for the morning.
  10. Make yourself and your family a nice breakfast – I usually check for any leftover veges and do a quick omelet. I think cooking in the morning brings good vibes.
  11. Visualize your day – Map your big meetings, tasks you want to accomplish, or errands you may have to run for the day. I like visualizing myself doing them and being successful.
  12. Think about your intentions – Is there something you want to focus on? Some big item that will make you happy? Sometimes my intention is to just try out a good place for lunch.
  13. Think about a list of 30 you want to write – I’m probably the only one that does this. There are so many to write and the exercise of writing these topics make me reflect on the latest trends and news.
  14. Think about people you want to catch up with via text or eventually in person – I do spend at least 5 minutes each day thinking about and messaging 1-2 people I haven’t talked to in a few weeks. It’s important to stay in touch.
  15. Think about the 2-3 things you want to get done today – I usually write it down on a Keep note. This may be different from checking your calendar or creating your emotional intentions. My short term to-do list is very satisfying to complete and recalibrate.
  16. Think about something you might want to do in 3 months – Is it a trip? How can you make these plans happen or prep for them? I have doing a lot more of this lately as I become more hopeful. I want to do so much!
  17. Listen to the news while doing your morning chores – While I don’t read the news, I do a quick daily catch up while I unload the dishwasher and prep Evie’s food for daycare.
  18. Even if you don’t need to go anywhere, get dressed and put on socks – This is more of a pro-tip for remote working. If I stay in my PJs, I feel like no work gets done.
  19. Make the bed – It takes a few seconds to just tidy it up and it helps with the nighttime routine to go to sleep in a made bed.
  20. Properly prep your work station to prevent too many distractions – Pour yourself some water (I use a 2L stein) and mug of coffee. Drink your water before noon.
  21. Take a moment to do some breathing exercises – 30 seconds to a minute will do wonders for calming.
  22. Put stuff away in your space for 5 minutes – It’s nice to reset before things get too messy. My wife always tells me to bring things upstairs or downstairs if I’m going somewhere in the house. It’s a good habit.
  23. Plan your day to do the hard thinking and decision making early and physical work out later – I mostly do my hard thinking work in the morning when my body isn’t warmed up yet and then mindless working out later in the day. Thinking takes energy.
  24. Listen to a good song or Playlist – Motivation songs are useful for getting yourself into the alpha waves.
  25. Have a conversation with your family/friends or send them a message wishing them a good day – It’s a great routine to just touch base with your loved ones. My dad called my grandma every morning without fail for my entire time in high school.
  26. Before starting work, stretch for a few minutes – Touch your toes and twist. The small physical prompt is also helpful for the brain to pump some juices.
  27. Before starting work, get some fresh air and sunlight Mix it in with your meditation. If it’s a nice day, I’ll just have my coffee on the deck so I can get some fresh air.
  28. Kiss your significant other – It’ll make you smile
  29. Ask her what her day looks like so you can help her where possible – A good personal morning is even better when your partner has her calendar covered and well coordinated.
  30. Just hang out and be present – There’s nothing like being thankful first thing in the morning

~See Lemons Love Mornings