30 Denver Kid Class Ideas

Random Observation/Comment #721: At this age, we’re just happy to see them roll around outside.

Why this List?

We want Evie to try as many things as possible. Awesome part of all this is the activities out there also double as daycare and socialization opportunities. After writing this list, I just realized that I can probably also take these classes (but this one is just specific to toddlers and probably costs more).

A few other benefits:

  • Physical activity for hand eye coordination
  • Pattern repetitive motion building connections
  • Core socialization skills
  • Outdoor fun!

Here are some available classes in Denver (and some random ideas because I ran out of places nearby):

  1. Goldfish swimming30 min – The kids take turns and get around 7-8 minutes (unless you’re like Evie and you cry so someone holds you the whole time). Super friendly and they provide make up tokens for classes. We have ended our swim lessons to opt in for just going to the pooling.
  2. In-door Soccer – 1 hr – Bladium Lil Kickers program is indoors and the teachers have a lot of fun activities that can involve parents. They run around and seem to have fun kicking the ball and chasing the coaches around.
  3. Gymnastics – 1 hr – Bounce’s Summer Camp program is convenient because it’s in the Stanley Marketplace and you can drop off while doing other things. We haven’t tried it yet, but maybe this is next thing. Evie loved her gymnastics weekends in Brooklyn.
  4. Music class – When Evie was 2, she loved Miss Winnie’s Instagram live 30 minute ukulele class. She’d sing songs on request and call all the kids names. I would think older classes would include some instruments. From a quick look-up for Denver classes, I found Rocky Mountain Ardvarks.
  5. Fly Fishing – We did this for a few months at Little Shredders and I think it was just not for Evie (she was a bit young). An hour talking about fish and casting is probably better when she has an attention span.
  6. Ski / snowboard – 30 min – Little shredder ski was pretty fun and I think she got to learn some balancing. I wound up picking her up and running up the hill with her. We did it for a few months, but then covid came around and we didn’t feel comfortable.
  7. Tae Kwon do / martial arts – 30 min – Neighborhood friends go to these classes and we can’t wait until Evie turns 4 so she can join. “You’re not my mom… You’re not my dad…”
  8. Table tennis lessons – If I had the patience, I’d probably do this myself. I would rather she show interest naturally so she doesn’t hate playing because I forced her. Maybe we’ll try something in August.
  9. Tennis – 1 hr – I think $50+/hr is a bit much for a single kid. It might be interesting to do group lessons. I think 5-9 years old is a little bit more manageable. There’s a website for searching for private instructors.
  10. Language classes – 1 hr – We signed up for some virtual classes, but it’s a bit tough to justify the costs. I’m just waiting for my parents to come visit. We’ve also discussed a language immersion school, but the commute is 30 minutes and that’s way longer than walking 3 blocks.
  11. Library reading/activities – We love the Denver public library system. I look at their kids website and filter by activities on their calendar. We’ve already checked out way too many books and have no idea where they are in the house.
  12. Baking / Cooking class (for 10 and up) – 3 hrs – This is definitely going to be on the list. I can’t wait to be able to take these classes with Evie!
  13. Creative Art class – We get a lot of this within daycare/pre-school, but we can learn from these separate classes. Found a listing on Abrakadoodle.
  14. Musical instruments – We’ll be a guitar hero family. Saw this school of rock site that has group classes. I imagine this may lead into her asking for a drum set and then killing my ears.
  15. Dancing – I have some minor issues with ballet from a body image and career standpoint, but general expressive dancing seems like a great idea. Found some Creative Dance classes that have multiple locations.
  16. Bike riding – single 2 hour class- I heard that REI does a great job teaching little kids to be more confident on the bike. They start with the strider and move onto adding peddles.
  17. Hiking – Summer camps – Found a good resource for local Denver hiking options and summer classes.
  18. Singing class – Not sure we’re raising a singer, but at least her parents love singing. Maybe we’ll just do more karaoke nights or karaoke-type games.
  19. Kids yoga – 1 hr – I don’t see a single place that aggregates across multiple yoga classes, but different instructors or yoga studios will provide dedicated days for yoga specifically for kids. For example, saw this for park hill.
  20. Science museum – many hours – Denver Museum of Nature and Science has a summer camp. I think I would recommend just going to the museum and having fun. Lots of toys and sciency things.
  21. Child museum – day drop-off – Found a children’s museum in Denver that used to do day camp drop offs. Might be good to revist when they start offering it again.
  22. Summer camp activities – weekly – There’s a good aggregation across multiple summer camp offerings that I think would be cool to attend at some point. Found a blogpost about it here as well.
  23. Gardening – Not sure if there’s a class for this, but I think it’d be pretty cool. Here’s a quick guide. Vinessa just bought some tools for her and she hangs out and helps water the plants.
  24. Play lab / Maker space – Would love to do some 3D printing projects with Evie. We can start learning how to design some CAD drawings and see them printed out. There’s a cool maker space in Stanley marketplace. Their Mindcraft program has a bunch of summer camps (which are all sold out).
  25. Building furniture together – This is more of an existing activity whenever I need to build some Ikea or other furniture. I give Evie some wrenches or screwdrivers and we listen to music. Nice daddy-daughter time.
  26. Running around a park – So many great playgrounds in Denver with creative setups. I’m happy with just having playdates and excursions to the coolest playgrounds.
  27. Working out together – Evie’s great at helping me with push-ups by sitting on top of my back. She’s also gotten really happy with calling me a horsie.
  28. Flying a kite together – Denver can be pretty windy and great for kite flying. There’s an Arvada kite festival that got cancelled this year, but could be a cool way to see a bunch of creative kites.
  29. Joint family shared babysitters – I think this is a win-win activity. Share price of the babysitter and then the parents go out together to hang out.
  30. Cooking together – This is more of an activity for me. I love cooking and Evie loves helping. I need to find a good way to involve her besides having her stir things.

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