30 Things My Parents Want Me to Learn

Random Observation/Comment #725: In retrospect, I’ve never gotten bad advice from my parents. Thank you!

Why this List?

I hadn’t seen my parents in a year due to the pandemic, so I’m ecstatic to show them Colorado. Along with their love and cooking, I’ve also received a lot of sage advice.

I might be writing this because I know my parents read my blog. In the best intentions, the advice does sound like repetitive nagging, but I still love it. This is not a list criticizing my parents’ advice. They’re usually right.

I hear you. Honestly, keep telling me because it’s the best way I’ll learn.

  1. Wear more clothes to bed because you wind up kicking off your blanket at night
  2. Put on an extra shirt in the morning when you get out of bed so you stay warm
  3. Stop drinking cold water – Drink warm water instead
  4. Eat more fruits for breakfast and right before dinner – Interesting to have fruit for an appetizer
  5. Peel the skin on apples before eating them or at least take a knife to scrape off the wax
  6. Don’t eat too much red meat – Red meat can cause issues
  7. Wait 30 minutes after eating before taking a shower
  8. Dry your hair after taking a shower – Use a hair dryer
  9. Don’t sleep with wet hair or you’ll get a headache
  10. Boil your water before you drink it – They have a lot of boiled water heaters
  11. Don’t eat too much salty foods
  12. Remember to skim the fat off of any soup or sauces before eating it
  13. Change your shirt when you get home so you’re not bringing outside germs inside
  14. Wash your hands once you get home – This is generally good advice for everyone and probably everyone’s habit by now
  15. Use a different cutting board for meat than vegetables
  16. Get some more sleep – This is always a good reminder
  17. Don’t work too hard – I don’t think I do, but this is good advice
  18. Try some morning face massages and body slapping exercises to wake up your muscles – Body slapping is super weird, but also relaxing
  19. Keep the screen farther away from your face to avoid vision issues
  20. Eat all of the food on your plate / Don’t waste food – Make a happy plate!
  21. Remember to wash the noodles once under cold water before cooking it the rest of the way in soup – This rinses any waxes they add to preserve shelf noodles
  22. If you’re in Hong Kong, wash your bowls and dishes in hot tea first. Also, bring your own napkins
  23. Don’t eat too much fried food. If you do eat fried food, make sure you wait a few minutes so it isn’t freshly crispy.
  24. Don’t eat too many egg yolks to keep your cholesterol low
  25. Pour tea for your elders during dim sum
  26. Wear a hat and a scarf in the winter. The head and neck must always be kept warm.
  27. Have a can of wd-40 in the house (and maybe an extra one in the car) – I guess it’s bad to have squeaky things.
  28. Pay attention to your Cholesterol
  29. Teach Evie to eat all the foods – We’re certainly trying!
  30. Train your body to poop in mornings and nights so you don’t have to use a public bathroom

~See Lemons Love My Parents’ Advice