30 Parent Visiting Denver Activities

Random Observation/Comment #727: I love showing my parents how I’ve become a functional and independent adult. Now we can move into the next parent-child phase of being awesome friends.

Why this List?

My parents are here for almost a month and we managed to squeeze in a lot of fun activities. We tried to keep things interesting and I took some half days to go on some adventures. If you have friends/parents visiting Denver, you can get inspired from some of these activities.

  1. Showing the house and different random stuff we’ve bought through the pandemic – Workout stations like Peloton and Rower, table tennis robot, VR headset
  2. Clemens cooks a few quick lunch meals – Ramen, Pasta, Cous cous vege meals for Evie
  3. Lunch at Stanley Marketplace (La Comida) for griddled tacos and trying the Stanely Beer Hall
  4. Lunch at ramen place (Katsu Ramen) with an initial Costco run
  5. Mom’s home cooked meal with rice and Veges
  6. Denver Zoo adventures – Love the zoo for a few hours of walking
  7. Lunch at pho place (Pho Le) and explore hmart and Chinese Cha Sui places
  8. Soccer practice fun with Evie at Bladium
  9. Dumpling making with Tando and friends
  10. Party with local friends – BBQ at Danillos!
  11. Walk around the neighborhood North end trail and look at a few open houses
  12. Night walks with Evie to local rock jumping spots – good for digestion
  13. Lunch at Wahoos and Visit Blue Moon brewery with rino spots
  14. Drive through the Rocky Mountain Arsenal
  15. Lunch at Bird Call by Five Points for fried chicken and fried tofu
  16. Dumpling making with Josh Tanisha and smoked turkey jook
  17. Kids Birthday party with Spiderman and Rapunzel
  18. Boulder hike to Centennial Trailhead – climb up the mini mountain
  19. Visit Boulder shops and bookstores while I get a beer with my dad in the middle of the day
  20. Dumpling making with Santosh & Eliza
  21. Drive up Mt Evans and Summit lake – Remember to go online early and get a reservation (recreation.gov)
  22. Costco run to buy seafood – Seafood dinner with lobster claws – More Mom home cooked meals!
  23. Denver Art museum day with Furniture shopping and browsing
  24. Dad fixes the firepit and rehangs the backyard sun shade – Definitely better than my poor house maintenance activities
  25. Make a brunch meal – Frittatas and toast
  26. Make my own BBQ – Sliders, fresh sausage and roasted pork ribs
  27. Boulder second trip with a bit of walking around furniture stores and visiting Stranahan’s Whiskey Distillery
  28. Joint birthday party festivities! – Ice cream cakes
  29. Overnight stays at the Gaylord hotel with Evie – much needed time to prep for the next grandparents to visit!
  30. Grandparent pick up drop off routine will definitely be missed – We’ve literally only done drop off and pick up a handful of times

If this wasn’t a list of 30 (TL;DR):

  • Sharing cooked meals
  • Meet some of our local friends
  • Take half days and go out to different lunch spots to explore
  • Hike when it’s not too hot and make sure it’s flat ground
  • Drive around dangerous places for fun
  • Getting into a joint routine as fast as possible
  • Go out on date nights and take advantage of free babysitting

Things Vinessa and I got to do (yay, free babysitting!):

  • Clemens & Vinessa separate drinks meet up (the day after they landed)
  • Impromptu date night at Tables
  • Vinessa yoga nights
  • Clemens bad dad beer night after Evie goes to bed
  • Visit to REI & Mani pedi afternoon break
  • The Beer Spa afternoon – Now I need a zero gravity massage chair
  • Redrock amphitheatre show
  • Random bike riding on weekends

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