30 Conferences I Want to Attend

Random Observation/Comment #738: I don’t miss conferences, but I miss my conference-goer acquaintances. It’s been way too long.

Why this List?

If I were single, without responsibility, and given my current capital, I’d probably do a year long challenge of attending fun conferences and events. Unfortunately (and fortunately), I do have an amazing home life and would rather spend the time locally than traveling again. These are the 30 I’d hit.

Crypto – Honestly, there are so many of these and usually the main events are “meh” while the side conversations really drive collaboration and a closer knit trust with the network.

  1. Devcon ( https://devcon.org/en/#road-to-devcon ) – Since Devcon 6 was canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to covid, so this is probably the top event I’d want to attend for 2022.
  2. ETH Global events ( https://ethglobal.com/ ) – ETH<Enter city here> probably has enough events for me to cover 30, so I’ll just make this one line item. Noteable: ETHdenver ( https://www.ethdenver.com/ ) – Feb 11-20, 2022 in Denver – Get your spork DAO on! The OG ETH local city event pushing the creativity and engagement with attendees.
  3. DAO-based conventions (e.g. MCON pt 2? – https://www.mcon.fun/ ) – Sept 15-17, 2021 in Denver – MCON was pretty awesome. I learned so much about DAOs and saw so many ex-ConsenSys folks
  4. Cordacon ( https://www.cordacon.com/ ) – Sept 25-27, 2021 in London + Hybrid – I’m a huge fan of Corda even though I’m an Ethereum degen. I can intellectually be both without being full maxi. What I do know for sure is R3 knows how to throw a party.
  5. Bitcoin 2022 ( https://b.tc/conference/ ) – April 6-9, 2022 in Miami – Bitcoin conferences are attended by large institutional players nowadays, but the parties are pretty ridiculous. It’s sometimes cringe-y to listen to these speakers. Maybe we’ll see some taproot use case releases.
  6. Blockchain expo global ( https://blockchain-expo.com/global/ ) – Dec 1-2, 2022 in London – I mention this one instead of “Consensus @ the NY Marriot” because the Consensus (by Coindesk) event seems to have gotten too mainstream. Their virtual conference looked like a Bloomberg news channel.
  7. Global DeFi Summit ( https://globaldefisummit.com/ ) – not scheduled – I may replace this with some NFT event in the future. We have a whole list of events we get invited to speak. Hopefully some workshops with Enterprise Ethereum Alliance or Hyperledger Foundation.

Fintech / Finance – The intersection of Banking and Tech is exactly my sweet spot of professional conversation topics.

  1. Money20/20 ( https://www.money2020.com/ ) – not scheduled, but 2022 in Amsterdam – Who doesn’t like Vegas? I believe 2022 will be in Amsterdam. This is where the suits get more and more informal as the week goes on.
  2. SIBOs ( https://www.sibos.com/about-sibos/future-sibos ) – Oct 10-13, 2022 in Amsterdam – This SWIFT-hosted conference always has a huge crowd and a dedicated section for tech innovation and hackathons. 2022 will be in Amsterdam as well.
  3. Hong Kong fintech festival ( https://www.fintechweek.hk/ ) – Nov 3-5, 2021 in Hong Kong – Hong Kong is the place I’d travel to first when things get better/safer. This festival is filled with great people and food.
  4. Singapore fintech festival ( https://www.fintechfestival.sg/ ) – Nov 8-12, 2021 in Singapore – Singapore is one of my favorite places to party. I think the location for the Singapore event is usually much larger than HK, but both are pretty great.

Consumer Tech / Cloud / Devs – I lean into my nerdom and will always love looking at new gadgets.

  1. CES ( https://www.ces.tech/ ) – Jan 5-8, 2022 in Vegas – Gadgets galore! I can just make a YouTube review/unboxing channel and record this stuff all day.
  2. SXSW ( https://www.sxsw.com/ ) – March 2022 in Austin Texas – There’s always some good brisket at these events
  3. Google IO ( https://io.google/2021/ ) – not scheduled – I’ve chosen Google here instead of Apple or Samsung for dev and device launches because of scale.
  4. AWS re:Invent ( https://reinvent.awsevents.com/ ) – Nov 29 – Dec 3, 2021 in Vegas – Amazon does a great job with talks and topics showcasing all the great projects on AWS (which is everyone…). I’m picking AWS over Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in terms of event attendance.
  5. Vox media code conference ( https://voxmediaevents.com/code2021 ) – Sept 27-29, 2021 in Beverly Hills – The clout of attendees for this was pretty incredible.
  6. Big data and AI work ( https://www.bigdataworld.com/welcome ) – March 2-3, 2022 in London – While I haven’t really been in the big data space in the past 5 years, I do think there’s a lot of cool cross discipline interest with cryptocurrency.
  7. Embedded IOT World ( https://tmt.knect365.com/embedded-iot-world/ ) – TBC – Seems like an interesting series of presentations.
  8. TechCrunch Disrupt 2022 ( https://techcrunch.com/events/tc-disrupt-2022/ ) – Oct 18-20 in SF – TechCrunch Disrupt has been around for a bit and gathers some great entrepreneurs

Auto – While I don’t know too much about cars, I love looking at new designs and always attended the Jacob Javitz Center shows when it visited NY.

  1. IAA Motor Show ( https://www.iaa.de/de/transportation ) – Sept 20-25, 2022 in Hannover – This seems like a fun trip connected to some other food tours.

Food & travel – There’s no better event than a purely eating one.

  1. WhiskyX ( https://www.thewhiskyx.com/ ) – Tours a few cities, but I loved the one here in Denver on Oct 1st. VIP tickets were worth it to taste a few high class whiskeys. Likely just going to take a road trip around Scotland.
  2. World travel expo ( https://travelshows.com/ ) – Show dates are spread out for first half of 2022 around major cities. I Would love to just hit a few of these. At least the Denver on April 30 – May 1, 2022.
  3. Great American Beer Festival ( https://www.greatamericanbeerfestival.com/ ) – Oct 6-8, 2022 in Denver – Going to get tickets for this now. Can’t await to taste some winners and bring the neighborhood bad dad beer club.

Podcast – Since I have my own podcast ( Lists of 30 – www.listsof30.com ), I can probably just attend a bunch of podcast conferences

  1. Maximum Fun’s MaxFunCon ( http://www.maxfuncon.com/ ) – not scheduled – I’ve started to listen to a lot of Maximum Fun podcasts like Judge John Hodgman (see: 30 Judge John Hodgman inside jokes).
  2. Jonathan Coltan Cruise ( https://jococruise.com/ ) – March 5-12, 2022 in a cruise – Most of this is sold out already, but I would totally spent $5k for a stateroom. It would be super weird meeting all of these voices in my ear actually in-person.

Video games – I love video games. I love my Mom. (inside joke)

  1. E3 Expo ( https://e3expo.com/ ) – June 12-15, 2021, 2022 not scheduled – I love video games, even though I don’t have enough time to play them anymore. Maybe I’ll be a geek and just watch the mobile version.
  2. VR Global Summit ( https://www.vrarglobalsummit.com/ ) – Spring 2022 – It would make sense for this summit to be actually in VR within the Metaverse, but a physical in-person event for this would be pretty cool.

Anime – Let’s go cos-play!

  1. Anime expos ( https://animecons.com/events/schedule.php?year=2022 ) – There are so many crazy anime conferences out there. I really want to just bring my camera and take photos of cool cos-play.

Watches Let’s buy some cool time pieces as investments

  1. Watches and Wonders ( https://www.watchesandwonders.com/en ) – Mar 30 – April 5, 2022 in Geneva – I’m pretty sure being Chinese will be a detriment to my lurking for this event. So many European countries hate the copy cats created out of China.

Must Attend!

  1. TED 2022 ( https://ted2022.ted.com/ ) – April 10-14, 2022 in Vancouver – TED or TEDActive community conferences are always a week of incredible mind melding and melting material.

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