30 We Got This with Mark and Hal Favorite Episodes

Random Observation/Comment #740: Fake internet court is the best form of podcasts right now. Please solve my meaningless disputes.

Why this List?

Off of the Judge John Hodgman binge I went through a few months ago, I heard the episode about pretzel shapes and got introduced to the “research” of Mark and Hal. Super knowledgeable and happy homage discussions across all topics (obviously giving honorable mentions for answers that won’t win, but are great in discussion). Super glad I stumbled upon this Maximum Fun gem.

“People of the world…” this is my top 30 Mark and Hal podcast episodes.

  1. 334 – Best Adam Sandler movie with Katie Willert – Just for the beginning mumbles of Adam Sandler noises. Love the Wedding Singer.
  2. 328 – Best Fast Food French Fry with Bill Oakley – I’m a big fan of McDonald’s French fries. Great discussion and bashing all around.
  3. 324 – Best Non-Berry Fruit – I didn’t realize everything is not a berry and a berry as well. Epic win of a non-berry with the word “berry” in it.
  4. 322 – Best Tim Burton film with Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal – Personally, Nightmare before Christmas is a classic Halloween and Christmas movie. Best combo genre.
  5. 315 – Best Infinity Stone with Alisha Grauso – Only because this is MCU and I love MCU discussions.
  6. 302 – Is it a Christmas Movie? – This was a cute episode going through different borderline Christmas-y movies. Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Listen to find out.
  7. 298 – Best Potato food – I loved the format of fighting between potato foods. I think mashed potatoes still should have won, but tater tots are pretty great too.
  8. 273 – Best Mission Impossible movie with Freddie Wong and Matt Arnold – Awesome detail and banter from these two. Freddie just has an infectious laugh and I’ll follow anything with him and his creative genius.
  9. 247 – Best “As Seen on TV” product – I just love the stories associated with all these products. I like the idea of doing an “As Seen on TV” gift exchange between friends and family.
  10. 218 – Best breakfast food – Eggs! C’mon!
  11. 210 – Sci Fi or fantasy – Personally I’m a Sci fi person because I’m hopeful it can happen within my life time
  12. 202 – Best pop tart flavor – How do you talk 50 min about random flavors? Personally love the old school strawberry one. I just had an ice cream pop tart sandwich and it was amazing.
  13. 200 – Best caroling song with Paul f Tompkins – PFT has an incredible voice. Where’s his album?
  14. 194 – Best Harry Potter spell – This was a great process for splitting into topics and getting winners from each. The spell of dark vs light.
  15. 189 – Best bagel – Agreed on the final choices.
  16. 181 – Best pizza topping combination – I get sausage mushroom all the time now with some smashed garlic.
  17. 158 – Best Bill Murray Movie LIVE with Steve Agee – Stayed for the “but what about Bob?” quote
  18. 138 – Best game show with Jonathan Coulton – JoCo is a great guest here and always.
  19. 104 – Lethal Weapon or Die Hard – I’m more of a Lethal Weapon fan.
  20. 79 – Hot dog or hamburger at a BBQ – Meat canoe vs Meat frisbee! I’d eat the hamburger, but appreciate the cook for making the hot dogs (especially with kids)
  21. 70 – Best pasta – The reveal was in the beginning, but the method of narrowing down while giving proper background to each choice is great.
  22. 58a – Mark or Hal – I love how their wives totally doled out incredible compliments and now I want to date Mark and Hal too. Definitive tie.
  23. 46 – Star Wars vs star trek with Adam savage and John Hodgman – Star Trek, please! JJHo comes in and drops some knowledge.
  24. 39 – Best Thanksgiving side dish – Of course it’s stuffing. Stuffing so good.
  25. 33 – Best Halloween candy LIVE in NYC with John Hodgman – I just love all the live shows. Plus JHo is great on any podcast
  26. 26 – What’s the best season? – Spring has sprung! Although I like the briskness of autumn best
  27. 18 – GIF or JIF? – The best way of answering a 30 second topic with 45 min of filler
  28. 3 – Socks: Roll or fold? – The first time I see the charm of side conversations and random topics working their course. “Keep your socks together”
  29. 2 – toilet paper: overhand or underhand? – The amazing start of the inside joke of Mark using basket coffee filters as toilet paper when he runs out of tissues and towels. Also the toilet paper butler walk of shame with pants around your ankles.
  30. 1 – Should you put ketchup on a hotdog? – Classic. What are you, 5? Mustard.

Not asked, and answered.

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