30 Things Listeners can do to Help your Podcast

Random Observation/Comment #741: We can all make someone smile (or help their goals).

Why this List?

While I’m completing my 30 day challenge contacting my favorite podcasts, I’ve decided to do something for the lovely people that responded. Even just a “like” on a DM or response to an email is super kind and rewarding. I think everyone would want a different type of activity so here are some ideas.

  1. Tell my friends about it during holidays and events
  2. Follow you on twitter and like your tweets
  3. Donate to my local NPR station
  4. Join your newsletter
  5. Join your Patreon at the second tier
  6. Rate and review your podcast on iTunes
  7. Write some subreddit posts and respond to threads
  8. Record a question and send it over for an episode
  9. Buy some of your swag. Wear it and then take a photo and tag you.
  10. Donate to a cause of your choice – or maybe even 30 recommended by Josh Gondelman
  11. Help with maintaining your wiki Fandom (or create one if it doesn’t exist)
  12. Be a completion-ist and listen to all your episodes
  13. Like and Comment on your Instagram photos
  14. Create a meme about your podcast or a particular canon trope
  15. Draw some fan art (although I’m not a great artist)
  16. Make a custom t-shirt (maybe with said fan art)
  17. Make a custom magnet or some other swag with said fan art
  18. Help you launch an NFT (I’ve been doing this for pay, but I can help with advising on this if needed)
  19. Buy a cameo message from someone interesting about something relevant (maybe with a cool quote from your podcast)
  20. Start a whole new podcast that comments on your podcasts
  21. Attend the JoCo cruise or some other future conference
  22. Write you a physical postcard
  23. Write a book report about your podcast. I haven’t written a book report in 20 years, but I’ll totally write one
  24. Record my cute daughter saying “I love <insert podcast name here>.” She’s 4 and adorable.
  25. Make one of those cardboard signs with a quote that is relevant to your show and get a picture of me holding it up in a busy NYC street. Might be a meme.
  26. Do an arts and crafts project where I make a Christmas ornament of your podcast and hang it on my tree
  27. Bake a cake in the shape of your podcast logo
  28. I’ll buy and mail you a Christmas present from some random “As Seen On TV” product
  29. Record my own podcast episode about your podcast
  30. Write a list of 30 on the topic of your choice

~See Lemons Help Podcasts