[30 Day Challenge] Contacting Podcast Idols Retro

Random Observation/Comment #744: Podcasters are awesome.

What was the Challenge?

In mid-November 2021, I wanted to send some messages to some of the awesome podcasts that have been embedded in my routine a Thank You note. I outlined the different categories and 30 specific hosts I’d contact with a large twitter list of these awesome people.

How did it go?

As a part of my morning routine, I sent out either a twitter DM, email, website contact form, or instagram DM to the hosts with a message. Usually something like

“Long time listener, First time writer… <comments on their awesomeness for their podcast> … <some inside joke> … <happy holidays>”

I didn’t really shill the 30 day challenge at all. It was just to say hi and send a message.

As a follow-up, I wrote a list of 30 things a listener can do to help their podcast. For those who responded, I did the thing they requested or by default just joined their Patreon, donated, and message boards.

What would you change?

It took a little bit of time to do the extra digging for contacting the podcast or hosts. I should have copied over the email addresses or given alternatives in case the DMs were turned off on their twitter accounts.

What’s Next?

Since I’m on a bunch of Patreons now, I might as well listen to more podcasts. I may extend this challenge for catching up with other mediums like YouTube channels or Web comics. Happy hols, everyone!

~See Lemons Love Podcast Hosts!