30 Days of 30 ETH foods

Random Observation/Comment #747: It’s always fun to combine passions. I can probably combine eating with anything.

Why this Challenge?

I love 30 day challenges. I’ve usually done them yearly and the past few through the pandemic has been cooking related. To continue this trend and also the general bullish nature of cryptocurrencies, I’ll make 30 ETH dishes. These are a mix of ETH-inspired or just a fun dish made with a logo on top. Should be fun!

All of these are on my Instagram @seelemonsonline:

Hmm… I may have missed posting a Day 27 on my Instagram, but it was probably a special cocktail with a good name like “Layer 1 Old Fashion” or “The Merge”. Many thanks to my wife for putting up with all my ETH arrangements of food.

~See Lemons Eat ETH Foods