30 Crypto Topics for ethdenver

Random Observation/Comment #750: I’ll put money into a swear jar (maybe some ETH into a swear DAO) if you get me to use the words “NFT”, “Metaverse”, “DeFi”, or “DAO”. I’m up for the challenge.

Why this List?

It’s been a long time since going to a conference, but luckily ethdenver is right around the corner and it’s going to be epic.

Small shill:
– Feb 15-19 for main event at the Castle
– Free to apply here: https://www.ethdenver.com/ (at least hear some of the virtual talks – ethdenver schedule)
– Sporkwhale VIP tickets here: https://sporkdao.myshopify.com/products/ethdenver-2022-sporkwhale-vip-access-pass

ConsenSys will be there with a Metamask and Infura set of booths and hosting 2 events (Feb 16th Dev Hack Mixer and Feb 17th Hydra party) .

You’ll spot the ConsenSys crew through some cool swag. There’s probably 30 of us. Come talk with me about any of these topics! See y’all at the Shill Zone.

  1. Latest ConsenSys product statsMetaMask at 30M+ Monthly Active Users, Infura with 400k+ accounts, Quorum nodes running Palm network of NFTs (with Damien Hirst, Matrix, and Space Jam on the network), MetaMask Institutional (MMI) integrations with custodians, Quorum Blockchain Service (QBS) migrating dozens of live quorum network projects over from Azure Blockchain Service in partnership with Microsoft.
  2. MetaMask Institutional crypto fund adoption and cool new dashboard feature – I just love this demo and expansions into Codefi Assets and Staking possibilities.
  3. MetaMask Flasks with the Snaps example – MM is getting more nimble with multi-chain integrations.
  4. ConsenSys Signal podcast interviews – Listen to Lex Sokolin speak with some awesome people in the industry.
  5. Competitor analysis and unfair advantage – We love the fast growing pace of these companies and want to be a tide that lifts all boats. If Ethereum/EVM-compatible chains wins, we all win.
  6. Cool roadmap features and collaborations across products – Developers United and Direct User connectivity strategies across our dev and consumer facing applications.
  7. ConsenSys Partner Program – Especially if you want to hear some of my market insight musings once a month.
  8. Crypto price action and predictions – Who doesn’t like chasing alpha? Are we out of the bear market yet? Number only go up?
  9. CBDCs and digital yuan play – I think the Beijing Winter Olympics push was such a predictable play, but I am still a bit scared that China will create a link to the cryptocurrency market that disrupts the FX between yuan and USD.
  10. DAOs and DAO Tooling – It’s growing at such a fast pace especially with trends like using DAOs to coordinate Liquidity Providers for funding AMM pools. I personally just see this as a way to slosh more funds between DAOs and also extract base tokens. Too many lurkers. I’m hoping Reddit implements this correctly.
  11. Metaverse land grabs – Another huge trend of creating one-to-one mappings of countries and connecting them with real estate registries. If regulation accepts these purchases then I think it’s another big speculative bubble.
  12. New NFT collections – Whatever happened to loot? I’ll listen in on some of those NFT flips.
  13. Roles of traditional finance – I believe it’s only a matter of time until a bank releases some type of stablecoin on-ramp offering or makes some connectivity with dapps. To be fair, the latest banking innovation was taking pictures of checks for faster deposits, so we’re not exactly seeing groundbreaking changes happening quickly.
  14. Extracting value from crypto new markets – This will be the trend for the next 5 years. Those that embrace the new class of millionaires will gain more investors and benefit from using the alternative asset class as an experimental staking asset class.
  15. Ape opportunities – I don’t think this will be like MCON, but it’ll be interesting. Where’s Peter Pan?
  16. Institutional AMM pools – Aave Arc is super interesting in terms of signing on 30+ funds into sharing KYC of their base user class. An institutional AMM pool of LPs will definitely lead to broader adoption and increased participation.
  17. Real world asset tokenization – I’ve always been a skeptic here because the main asset class is usually something with real estate and I just think real estate fundraises leaving investors with bags of illiquid assets is just a big con to pull some of that boomer money out of the markets. I’m also notoriously bad at thinking through real estate investment management overhead.
  18. Digital twins and possible future self driving car DAO businesses – I just love the idea of the self driving taxi being its own business DAO and optimizing all heuristics towards a company making money. It would mean cars becoming an appreciating asset rather than a depreciating one. Always invest in appreciating assets.
  19. Upcoming regulations – Maybe for DAOs? At least education and implications on macro economics are leading to more policies being written. Unfortunately, it seems anti-government interference groups (which have now become Republicans) are the ones that have embraced cryptocurrency.
  20. The Merge and eth2 (or the artist formally known as ETH2) – I am excited about reducing carbon footprint and reversing our 6 years of crazy spend.
  21. Play-to-earn gaming – I play a lot of little NFT games just to see where the industry is headed. I suspect a lot of acquisitions from large companies. Unity has such a great position here by having the most comprehensive set of developer tools.
  22. NFT plays for creatives and growth of IP valuation – I personally love the Coachella NFTs and the idea of creating long term alumni tokens for universities. What this all means is that the IP of a long standing institution has a lot of capital to unlock when you bring in a whole universe of multiplying factors and user engagement. The exchanges will win.
  23. Enterprise blockchain approach lessons learned – Consortia approach for banks just took too much bureaucracy to form, legal costs, internal vested interests, and anti-trust rules to avoid. Plus, most of the people who lead efforts in banks have likely turned full degen.
  24. VC trends in valuation and investing – VC valuations for token floor prices are super different nowadays. A lot of technical viability analysis off of whitepapers and github repos paired with insight into investors/board members before investments are made.
  25. Interoperability and Bridges – This has always been a hot topic because new networks form fragmented pools of liquidity. The social network solution equivalent is creation of “share to” links and push of updates across social networks. What likely happens is the “issuer” has some centralization hub through some one-to-many distributors of posts to multiple networks. These plug-ins for the tokens being pushed to multiple networks basically becomes your capital allocation tool.
  26. Protocol politics and lobbying – There’s a lot of power that comes with votes and participation. It’s clear to me that knowing the right people will open up opportunities as well as liquidity for new tokens.
  27. Friends and company successes and barriers – This is one of my favorite topics. We’ve all known each other a long time and I can’t wait to catch up on some non-eth related things.
  28. Degen buzzwords – You better bet I’ll be keeping note of new catch phrases and buzz words.
  29. Upcoming eth events globally – Eth Amsterdam in April, anyone?
  30. Digital assets estate planning – Trusts and DAO-based control of funds is going to be a huge trend of the next 10+ years. We want to build generational wealth and better manage our portfolios in these smart contract on-chain management tools.

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