30 Evacuation Kit Things

Random Observation/Comment #753: Risk management is everything. “Disaster Recovery” planning should be on the top of your list.

Why this List?

With climate change leading to more wildfires and the world generally in a state of disarray, I revisited our family’s evacuation kit. For any set of situations, it makes sense to put together an easy to-go bag of essentials.

I make some assumptions that we would still be able to buy things with our credit cards and look for places to stay, so this isn’t exactly the zombie apocalypse bag. Perhaps this is just me walking through the travel and camping aisle. Here’s what I gathered:

  1. Essentials – Phone, wallet, keys, passport, vaccination card
  2. Electronics – Laptop, Chargers (phone, headphone, apple watch, laptop), extra batteries
  3. Clothes – Travel clothes (quick dry and easy to layer), extra socks, underwear spares, waterproof layers (think skiing)
  4. External charger pack – Anything solar would be useful – I bought this one on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08P5SFV4D/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. Camping gearLED Lantern, Solar LED camping lantern with magnet, flashlight, headlamp
  6. Sleeping bags, tent, and space blanket – Maybe a tent is overkill, but if it’s just sitting in the garage and you’re driving, it’s a good option to have. Definitely sleeping bags would be a top option for me for warmth.
  7. Toiletries – Toothbrush and toothpaste for everyone, toilet paper, brush, soap bar
  8. Towels – I’m thinking beach towels and maybe a few absorbent microfiber ones
  9. First aid kit – Basic medicines (pain killers), bandages, sunscreen
  10. Bags and Rope – You always need bags of all types and some rope. Plastic zip locks, garbage bags, durable backpack
  11. Bottles – Water bottles, hot thermos
  12. Food – Since we can likely drive somewhere for this, I’d recommend at least nuts or chocolates that don’t easily go bad
  13. Water – I always keep lots of water in the garage or back of car
  14. Duct tape – There’s always a need for taping things
  15. Knife – I’m okay with bringing my chefs knife, but probably better to just pack the Swiss Army knife
  16. Basic tools – Pliers, wrench, screwdriver, scissors – I think these would already be somewhere in my car kit
  17. Can opener – Not a bad idea to just get an extra one
  18. Moist towelettes and cleaning – I always think about Book of Eli when he cleans himself with the moist towelettes.
  19. Lighter – Love the handy fire starters, but I don’t think we’re immediately headed to the woods
  20. Life straw – Might as well have one of these if clean water isn’t around
  21. Checkbook, non regular cards, and cash – Not sure who’s going to take checks, but thinking through this reminded me that I don’t carry around cash or a debit card. Use the emergency cash stockpile.
  22. Notebook and pencil – This could be for entertainment or sanity. If energy is low, having a pen/pencil and paper can keep people entertained
  23. Working gloves – At least some winter gloves. It doesn’t hurt to have these for handling any rough terrain or keeping warm.
  24. Crowbar, ax, foldup saw, or shovel – This also might be some overly prepared view, but I would want one of these in a zombie apocalypse. I could probably use the existing car supplies for this
  25. Whistle or Harmonica – I think the harmonica would be cool just to have some different sounds and music. It might double as a whistle in a pinch.
  26. Lovie and blanket for Evie – A big part of this would be sentimental items
  27. Your favorite book – Electronics might be some of the first to go so save your energy and do some reading
  28. Your favorite photo – Now that everything is digital, I cherish these physical printed photos most
  29. A mechanical watch – This could also be a valuable for barter. Even as a guy that doesn’t wear my time pieces, I’d probably take one.
  30. Kitties and kitty supplies – Definitely bringing the kitties, but that does complicate all the other things. Supplies needed.

~See Lemons Prepared