30 News Subscriptions

Random Observation/Comment #756: After reviewing all these ways I absorb news, no wonder it’s so hard to disconnect.

Why this List?

I consume a lot of information on a regular basis and I do so through curated smart people and groups. What do I subscribe to? What have I filtered out? Short answer is that I don’t scroll through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or news sites directly anymore – I’ve joined telegram channels, newsletters, and general groups where the curation can happen on my behalf and I can cross share links to other groups. Sometimes I still do a frontpage of Reddit (including some r/worldnews, r/wsb, and r/LPTs) and Google News


  1. Morning Brew – The analysts do a great job summarizing top news and how it impacts markets
  2. This Week in Ethereum News – Evan Van Ness is awesome collaborating with the ecosystem and filtering through the dev updates
  3. Bankless – There’s a lot of noise and shilling, but some of the featured pieces are worth a deep dive
  4. Rapture – Mattison writes some on point topics and summarizes his thoughts daily
  5. Coin metrics – Data-first take on the future of finance
  6. Decrypt – Generally a great take on the latest news so it’s not just talking about price boosts
  7. Life in Lists of 30 (blatant plug) – I just write random lists of 30 on things I’m thinking about… like this list…

Paid subscriptions

  1. NYTimes – Articles are always high quality and the front page helps me filter what the world is thinking about
  2. Messari – The Enterprise account is a little too steep, but the pro account provides some good takes on public examples of interesting NFT and DeFi patterns.
  3. The Block Research – Research pieces and deep dives are solid. I like their ecosystem overviews and the data/charts sections.
  4. Lex’s fintech footprint – Excellent summary on the latest big news articles around fintech.


  1. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert – Honestly, I just like the “Meanwhile” segment to give me a chuckle. The opening monologue is often well curated and relevant.
  2. The Problem with Jon Stewart – I just started watching YouTube videos of this and I think it’s pretty thoughtful. Jon has a candid way about him and tries to point out why so much of our world is broken.
  3. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – The bigger budget videos makes me want to watch the weekly episodes instead of just listening to them in the background of doing something else.
  4. Game of Trades – I have a few trading-based YouTubers that I follow. They’re all very opinionated and tend to end with “this is not investment advice and y’all need to do your own research and own up to your own actions”
  5. The Defiant – I love Robin and his creativity in the latest longer form weird videos. I could put this in the newsletter, but I rather highlight the YouTube video portion.
  6. Bridgewater Associates – There have been some thoughtful topics in the past few months that I appreciated.
  7. Vox – These stories are often less than 20 minutes and pretty eye opening.
  8. ARK Invest – Cathie Wood’s hour to talk about anything in a new fancy location
  9. Whiteboard crypto / Finematics – These are my favorite explainer videos for crypto and defi topics
  10. Two minute papers – Whenever I want to see the bleeding edge of technology, I follow the video read out and results from these papers. I’m always impressed at how far applied AI has come to design rendering and just using filters for everything.

Podcasts for News

  1. Planet Money – Economic deep dives and some really great story telling
  2. The Indicator – I listen to this daily because it’s really well done and concise. Jobs Friday airhorns!
  3. Consider This – This is probably my only generic dose of news, which gives me a good idea of what’s happening with the war or in the nation.
  4. All-in Podcast – The besties go on long rants and it’s a perfect weekend listen.
  5. Pivot – They have no shortage of awesome guests that provide some deep insight. I really need to go to some of these conferences.
  6. Prof G show – Good energy and I appreciate the algebra of happiness words of wisdom
  7. Radiolab – Long form well curated stories. The latest stretch of episodes have been super interesting tying together and around a similar theme.
  8. The Daily Sunday editions – The Sunday editions have some incredible reporting and sets the tone for the rest of the week.
  1. Work’s Cryptoecon & Whalepool slack channels – I will always take advantage of working with some really smart people. There’s no shame in asking questions and diving deeper with the teams.

~See Lemons Digest the News