30 Dad Memories

Random Observation/Comment #766: We’d rather be here and now than there looking back.

Why this list/children’s book?

It’s the little things that makes it all unique and memorable. The attention to detail is a distinct bookmark in my memories. I can have a vivid flashback most quickly when I take photos, but when I can tie in all the senses together, it’s one of those “forever memories”. This list was far more enjoyable and easy to write then it was to pare down to just 30.

For all parents – I hope you have felt these feelings and remember your moments where she stole your heart.

  1. First time you held my finger
  2. First time I held you and looked into your eyes
  3. First time seeing you surprised with peekaboo
  4. 100th time singing you to sleep with Lullaby
  5. First time we fell asleep in the glider together
  6. 100th time feeding you with a bottle
  7. First time hugging Piggie
  8. First time petting Henry the cat
  9. 100th time making you into a baby burrito
  10. First time putting you in front facing bjorn
  11. First time you said “Dada” (before “Mama”)
  12. 100th time hearing “poh poh” (“Pick me up” in Cantonese)
  13. First steps (and very quickly falling)
  14. 100th time doing pushups and having her hold on my back
  15. First whiteboarding session
  16. First double kiss on my cheeks by my girls
  17. First time seeing you put together blocks and puzzles
  18. 100th daddy daughter dance on my toes
  19. First time you peed on my back while holding you on my shoulder
  20. First time using chopsticks correctly
  21. 1,000th time you asked “why”
  22. 100th time watching table tennis and cooking videos together
  23. First time splashing in puddles while holding an umbrella
  24. 1000th time reading you 3 stories before bed
  25. First time being able to control the TV with the remote
  26. First time setting up a tent in the living room for a sleepover
  27. 100th time having dance parties
  28. 1,000th time making you chicken nuggets
  29. 1,000th time saying I love you
  30. 10,000th time hearing you laugh

~See Lemons Love Dadding