30 Funny Messari Email Subject Lines

Random Observation/Comment #767: I’m a sucker for funny email subject lines. Take my click.

Why this List?

Since early 2021, I’ve been following Messari writers and have a pro account to read all those spicy takes and great content. What I really love is the daily newsletter title written by Ryan Selkis and his team. Here were 30 of the highlights. Kudos to being cheeky.

  1. The Party DAOn’t Start Til I Walk In
  2. Selling Your SOL to the Devil
  3. A Great Fat Greasy Chiliz CHZ Dog
  4. Let’s Talk about DEX, Baby
  5. I Don’t Just Git Money, I Gitcoin
  6. Sushi’s On a Roll
  7. LAOder Than Your Average DAO
  8. Avalanche Network is Snow Joke
  9. All Chains Lead to Allbridge
  10. What the FRAX is FRAX?
  11. Ready Gamer One
  12. The End is Not Nigh, The Future is NEAR
  13. Love the Smell of Osmosis in the Morning
  14. Zero Knowledge, So Hot Right Now
  15. Is that a Node in your POKT?
  16. Turning Digital Lead to Digital Gold
  17. What is this? A DAO for Ants?
  18. Fantom of the Opera
  19. Fei-Rari goes 0-100 in 2.5 Seconds With…
  20. Dotting Your P’s and Crossing Your Parachains
  21. Bringing Balance(r) to the Force
  22. I Like Big Nodes and I Cannot Li(vepeer)
  23. Weird Flexa, but Okay
  24. Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Governance
  25. The SEC Won’t Let Me BTC
  26. Sell me this House… It’s an NFT
  27. Non Fungible Pics or It Didn’t Happen
  28. THREE zkEVMs Walk Into A Bar…
  29. The Token, The Switch, and the Wardrobe
  30. Maker Might be Down, but it’s not DAIing Yet

~See Lemons Read Messari