30 Glamping Accessories

Random Observation/Comment #768: I think I’ve outgrown frugality and backpacking. Where’s the vrbo with the jacuzzi?

Why this List?

I used to camp, but now my definition of “roughing it” is not having a bidet toilet seat. Especially with a 4-year-old, we’re going to setup the tent next to our car and have the amenities available for comfortable sleeping.

When we’re glamping it up, we also want to be practical about space, weight, and low voltage for efficiency. While it would be cool to have an air conditioning unit, we’re probably going to lean into a solar charging fan.

I’ve added all these gadgets and accessories to an Amazon shopping list.

  1. Tent with split foyer space + mallet for staking (and extra box of stakes) – The section in the front is great for storage and taking off your shoes before going into the sleeping area. The mallet is absolutely necessary for getting the spikes in cleanly
  2. Mini electric fridge – Dometic CFX3 35-Liter – The size is perfect and can be maintained with low voltage
  3. External battery for charging – This battery has a nice charge size and there are a few that have solar panels for charging while at the campsite.
  4. Rechargeable Headlamps with red light option – Hands free and the red light is less blinding.
  5. Rechargeable Clip LED lamp – Clamped to the table and bright LED for late night dinners.
  6. Rechargeable Hanging LED lanterns – These are magnetic and stick nicely to the metal frames. They can also hang and have multiple settings.
  7. Camping Fan Lantern – Hanging in the tent in case there’s any bugs or you need a nice breeze in the middle of the night.
  8. Electric water dispenser attachment to jug – This was actually the big winner. It’s always good to hydrate and why tilt and spill when you can just attach this to a huge jug of water.
  9. Mobile shower spray (or pressure pump sprayer) – While this isn’t great for showering, we found it awesome for cleaning dishes
  10. Sucker Bike attachment (and stabilizer strap) – Super cool on the Tesla, but also works on other cars with a flat surface. Be sure to lock the wheel and the pedals.
  11. Rtic or Yeti cooler – We definitely got ice from the nearby gas station and filled the cooler with anything that didn’t fit in the mini fridge. There was a lot of beer.
  12. Camp chef portable grill that uses propane – Especially because there’s a ban on open flames, we were able to cook any meal with these two burners.
  13. Portable Grill on butane – I remember using these when I was making shabu shabu. The butane burns hotter and can be great for grilling.
  14. Cooking lid for grilling – If you’re grilling, definitely bring a cooking lid to make sure it cooks through and you can melt cheese.
  15. Cooking gloves – You probably don’t need the special gloves here, but definitely have some camping gloves that could be general purpose.
  16. Stovetop espresso and coffee maker – The direct heat cooking is also useful for instances with direct flame. Make sure to close the top and turn off the heat when it sputters.
  17. Mobile espresso maker for the car – In case you need that car espresso boost.
  18. Mobile dishwasher cleaning off grease – This is a bit over the top, but look for something that doesn’t use a lot of water and isn’t that heavy.
  19. Buying pre marinated meat and veges – This isn’t a gadget, obviously, but from experience it’s better to buy prepackaged or spend the night before marinating some flank steaks or lamb
  20. Microfiber clothes for drying and wiping down – We also went through a few rolls of paper towels
  21. Camping mattress – If you don’t use the inflatable mattress, you can get an elevated cot.
  22. Evaporative air cooler – I would rather just turn on the air conditioning and wait in the car for a bit, but sometimes you need to glamp in the tent.
  23. Car extension tent – If you want some of that air conditioning come from the car trunk then you can consider a tent extension.
  24. Flip flops – I wanted to call this out because I forgot my flip flops and I wound up showering barefoot in some grossness. I also had to put on the socks and shoes and walk out. This is the only time crocs are appropriate.
  25. Collapsible bowls and kitchen equipment – Collapsible equipment is always useful. This is also great for a dish washing bucket.
  26. Glamping chairs – Make sure the chair is light and also comfortable.
  27. Marshmallow kit – Spear some marshmallows!
  28. Bose Portable speaker – Any speaker will do, but Bose does a really good job on their sound quality.
  29. Starlink internet – This is absolutely essential for traveling and working in the morning. It’s $100/month and gets some pretty good access in remote places.
  30. Tesla – This is just for the electric charging because the stopping for 25 minutes at all the super chargers did slow everything down a bit during a road trip. To be fair, you shouldn’t really be in a rush if you’re disconnecting.

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