[Travel Advice] Utah Glamping

Random Observation/Comment #769: Get lost in the details of the vastness.

Observations about Utah

  • Moab has awesome restaurants – I loved the different food options in Moab. Even though we were comfortable cooking, sometimes you just want to eat without cleaning dishes.
  • Drive scenic route 128 – From i70, take the exit on Cisco to catch route 128. The drive through the canyons are beautiful. It’s worth the extra time.
  • Not much outside of Moab – Off of i70, there’s not many places to grab any services. Probably a lot of ghost towns.
  • Sunscreen – It’s so hot and sunny in August. Stay in the shade and wear lots of sunscreen. Reapply.
  • Bicycle rentals have weird hours – Definitely call ahead because rentals start around 5PM and are usually overnight to be returned by 3PM the next day. We tried to get bikes just for a few hours and they didn’t give us any deals.

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ELITA Specialty Market & Kitchen – Bought some marinated flank steak and lamb chops. Save the fat from the lamb for breakfast

Outer Range Frisco stop – Necessary stop for the Bird Craft fried chicken. Lots of beer for the upcoming trip.

Tesla Supercharger stops in Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction. Love the change of scenery while driving towards Utah.

Stayed in Thompson Springs at the Desert Moon Hotel & RV/Tent Campground – Campgrounds had hot showers and outlets.

Camp setup took 45 minutes, but definitely worth it. That fridge and head lamps were so useful. Definitely needed hands free for cutting and serving. The marinated bags are also good for poaching in warm water prior to directly searing in a pan.

Star gazing was so beautiful. It just doesn’t get old. Slept at 3AM.


Took some calls in the morning. It definitely got very hot by 9AM.

Drove back East to Cisco so we could drive the 128 Scenic Byway

Crazy beautiful scenic route. Stopped in the middle of the road multiple times to take photos.

Stopped in Sorrel River Ranch – Ate a kobe burger at River Grill Restaurant – I feel like this little hidden gem should be a future retreat. Definitely get one of those chocolate chip cookies at reception in the restaurant.

Tried to bike, but no luck. Instead, drove to Arches National Park and walked around for 2 hours. There was plenty to see and we would have been dead trying to bike that path.

If you’re not hiking through the trails and just walking to the arches nearby, you can pretty much stop at every spot and finish within 3 hours.

Headed back into Moab and had Giliberto’s Mexican Taco shop – These tacos were authentic and extremely delicious. Great find.


Another day of early meetings. Definitely better to hang out in the shade. Road the bikes 4 miles down the road to Sego Canyon Rock Art. Honestly, it was fun to ride a bike there, but probably not worth the stop if you’re just driving.

Lunch at Blu Pig – Definitely get the gumbo. Ribs were super tender and smoked wings were also delicious.

Drive to Canyonlands and take pictures of all the canyons. I personally loved the visitor center view because of the peek of little layers. If you want to skip to the good stuff, just go directly to Grand View Point. We spent a good 45 minutes just checking out the crazy view. It’s worth the 3-4 hour drive through and around the area.

Bought burger meat and brioche buns at City Market in Moab. Went back to camp to grill up some awesome burgers. More star gazing ensued.


Long drive home with 2 stops for super charging

Lunch at Hugo’s in Glenwood Springs – This was one of the best pastrami sandwiches I’ve ever had.

Finally home by 6PM. Not a bad 320 mile road trip.

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