30 Doughboy Podcast Questions

Random Observation/Comment #772: Traveling the world and eating fast food restaurants with live podcast recordings? That’s the dream, right?

While this is a phish t-shirt, I think it fits the doughboys podcast well

Why this list?

I’m still on a podcast binge and this month is Doughboys. They travel and eat at fast food restaurants to rate them (discussion and hilarity ensues). There’s a ton of fun sections throughout the show and one of them is a feedbag with food related questions to the dough boys. Here’s some of my favorite questions (and my personal answers for funzies).

  1. What is your go-to dish when you feel like the food is no good (e.g. Vote of no confidence)? – It depends on the place, but if it’s a diner with 100 things on the menu then I usually get a club sandwich of some sort. I think it’s hard to mess up bread and cold cuts.
  2. What’s your favorite float combination? – I don’t usually have ice cream because of my lactose intolerance. If I were to choose, my favorite classic is the vanilla with root beer.
  3. You have one last meal, what do you choose? – Rather than something, I’d probably want a whole experience like cooking Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family.
  4. If you could travel to any place in the world so you can experience their cuisine in their authentic setting, where would you go? – This is such a hard question for me because of all the travel I’ve done. I personally would never get tired of Japanese cuisine. Give me some ramen, curry, katsu, or gyoza and I’m a happy kid.
  5. Are there any fun knock off restaurants of well known brands? – NY had a bunch of weird KFC knockoffs, but clearly the answer is McDowell’s.
  6. If you opened dough boy university, what subjects would you teach? – I like the podcast answer of Buffet navigation. I personally have a well honed strategy surrounding the Chinese buffets on Long Island. The move is to get a soup and drop a bunch of peeled shrimp into it.
  7. If you were a food-based super hero, what kind of food group would you be and what would be your power? – I would have the power to make any food taste like any other food of choice. Maybe make some water into wine.
  8. What is your cake preference? – Space cakes.
  9. For teacher appreciation week – if you were the principal, what meal would you give to your teachers? – Sushi. It’s gluten free, dairy free, and who doesn’t like sushi?
  10. If you guys had a Doughboy’s meal with a toy, what toy would you have in the meal? – I’d want my toy to be a magnet QR code that you can scan and donate crypto to a fun DAO. Let’s make a HappyMealDAO Non-profit and leverage a bridge-to-swap-to-join model.
  11. You are a host of an Iron Chef like show, what is your secret ingredient? – Hosts get to try the meals, so I’d probably pick something fun like pineapples or clams. For some reason I’m craving seafood.
  12. What defunct restaurant do you want to go to that no longer exists? – This isn’t a restaurant and I haven’t made an effort to take a look, but there was a guy who sold steamed vegetable pork buns off of Main St in Flushing that made the best fluffy and juicy buns.
  13. What chain restaurant would you like to see a “The Founder”-like movie about? – I want to hear the backstory to White Castle. It’s probably boring, but might not be.
  14. What would you snackrifice (sacrifice snack)? (e.g. potatoes – mashed potatoes, baked potato, french fries) – In the potato realm, I’d probably get rid of the baked potato. I don’t even eat baked potato that much.
  15. If you could go back in time for a different topic for Dough Boys other than fast food, what topic would you do? – Fast food is such a good topic. It’d be trashy, but maybe review frozen food section of the grocery for those who are not too lazy to just use a food delivery app, but definitely too lazy to cook something from scratch.
  16. What is the saddest meal? – I agree with the guest from this episode that any type of canned soup is pretty sad. It adds to the story around being sick or not being able to keep down solid foods.
  17. What’s the best color of food? – I personally think the whitish beige gives the most options. I can live without fried food, but I need some rice and bread.
  18. What fast food item would give Kirby the best power set? – French fries makes Kirby shoot out javelins of fries.
  19. If you’re going to a BBQ, what is the one dish that you’d be mad if wasn’t at their BBQ? – I’m a sure thing for some collard greens and coleslaw. Consistently, I do try the coleslaw at every BBQ joint.
  20. Is there a cornerstone item that you haven’t tried? – This is a weird one, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a Whopper. I feel like I’ve only gone to Burger King a hand-full of times in my life.
  21. Is there a dish that you like so much you wish it could be named after you? (e.g. Arnold Palmer) – The Clemens would either be a mixed drink or a sandwich. I like a Negroni with a twist (maybe with Mescal?). For the sandwich, it’d probably have spam in it. I don’t eat spam often (maybe once a year if I’m experimenting with something), but I do love the idea of a spam sandwich.
  22. Favorite cultural food clashes? – I’d be interested to see a Latin-Japanese crossover. I wonder if it would be like food in Portugal or Peru.
  23. What is in the fast food hall of fame that was a food game changer? – MSG. I survived on Chinese food for lunch in high school.
  24. If you created a beer inspired by a fast food restaurant, what would you make? – Wendy’s frosty sour? I think that could be yummy.
  25. If you have to give up appetizers or desserts forever, what would you give up? – I’d give up desserts. I could live without sweets. Sometimes I’ll just order appetizers for a whole meal.
  26. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, what would you ransack from a fast food restaurant? – I think the question assumed some type of food. I’d probably pick something that doesn’t spoil easily like eggs? Do fast food restaurants use premixed refrigerated eggs? I dunno.
  27. What hybrid item would you want across multiple fast food restaurants? – McDonalds-Wendy’s crossover with a Chili-smothered big mac
  28. What’s your favorite holiday plate? – When I use mashed potatoes and gravy as a dip for all the other foods.
  29. What combination of foods do you like (e.g. Bite of French fries and a bite of a burger) – Even though I don’t like desserts, I will always dip some French fries into a frosty.
  30. If Ben and Jerry’s flavor would be created in your honor, what would be your personal components and name of it? – Something with lemons?

~See Lemons Love the Dough boys