30 Self proclaimed titles

Random Observation/Comment #786: A writer writes. Try to create as much content as you consume.

Why this List?

Sometimes I think about being interviewed on a TV show / documentary and looking at my title overlay. What would it say? What if it’s something just descriptively random?

  1. Writer of lists of 30 – This is by far the thing I love doing most. I wish I could make a side gig out of just writing lists of 30. ChatGPT will probably make this much easier (or harder). Off-topic, but relevant: we will likely see an explosion of generated and derived content, but it’s interesting that the algorithm from this point forward will be learning from the cemented ideas of civilization published on the Internet. It means that original content could be completely frozen while everything becomes an evolution of trained algorithms.
  2. World traveler / adventurer – I still love traveling and collecting magnets from different places around the world. My personal way of enjoying and remembering my experiences is through reflections and photography. 43 countries in and I’m still looking for more adventures.
  3. Virtual (and IRL) Table tennis enthusiast – Table tennis is life! I’ve definitely leaned into ElevenVR TT and use it for both exercise and socialization. I still miss the post TT beers from Spin though.
  4. Slides/PowerPoint extraordinaire – It must be the recovering finance world of corporate culture to put everything into slides. My evolution of this was to record more videos and shorts for better consumption. I did just take a deeper look at synthesia.io which could be an interesting way of staying in the creative text side of things and then feeding it into a customized avatar of myself. Who needs to rerecord each 30 second video 20 times if I can just feed it all into these presentations?
  5. Technical business analyst – This was a great niche that took advantage of my customer-facing and consulting management skillset. The interview process and documentation was key to my development as a better communicator and organizer.
  6. Solutions Architect – The evolution of the tech BA work is moving to SA and pre-sales engineering activities. Here’s the 30 Things SAs Do.
  7. Digital community builder in DAOs – DAO consulting is so hot right now. Advisory on creating organic communities is probably easier than actually minding and building the community.
  8. Technology philosopher – I love just talking about the evolution of technology and its impacts to society. Following Ben Thompson’s Stratechery posts leads me to branch into the tilted black mirror reality.
  9. Pixel pusher – Both in making slides and editing photos. I’m pretty impressed with how much can just get done on my phone nowadays.
  10. Professional Day dreamer – It’s healthy to day dream once a week. Just let your mind wander. I tend to day dream in the shower. Something about being naked in warm water stimulates my brain.
  11. Getter of shit done – I’ve never been a fan of analysis paralysis. I just want to set a course and see things get done. I don’t have time to keep checking my to-do list and feel stressed. Checker of to-do boxes.
  12. Continuous improver – The whole point of writing these lists of 30 is to explore different subjects and iterate on my own perspectives on subjects. “There’s a list of 30 for that.”
  13. Narrative consultant – The stories we tell about our lives are usually the first impression. Instead of having people put you into a bucket of “buff handsome Asian guy,” you can describe yourself and your life story with your own twist. I highly recommend everyone writes out their intros and how they want to describe themselves in their own story.
  14. AI Tweaker – Now more than ever with ChatGPT, we are entering into a world of prompts and programmability through iterations. Maybe I’ll write a ChatGPT List of 30 assistant that helps me publish new posts and reach out to new readers.
  15. Gap filler – Especially in the start up mentality, I have never thought there was a problem in the company that was outside of my scope if I knew how to help. If there’s a gap, then I’d contribute my knowledge.
  16. BUIDLER – The blockchain/crypto space loves quirky memes. I think it started with HODL (Hold On for Dear Life) of tokens and evolved into BUIDL. There’s a whole BUIDL community out there manifesting the Web3 vision.
  17. Joy expert – I forgot which podcast I heard “happiness is fleeting, but joy is a constant.” This stuck with me because I feel like people can achieve content and joy as a state of mind instead of chasing the next happiness jar moment.
  18. Fintech Futurist – I love reading the Fintech Blueprint by Lex Sokolin (ConsenSys’ Chief Cryptoeconomics Officer). He’s kept me updated with the business and finance world.
  19. Listicle blogger – Probably the title I’d get if I were ever interviewed because it’d be too lengthy to describe the “List of 30” concept on one line. It does make it sound like I write buzzfeed articles. Maybe buzzfeed readers are my audience.
  20. Social introvert butterfly – The introvert/extrovert thing is a bit of an odd categorization because I think everyone needs some “me-time” to destress or recharge.
  21. Conversation catalyst – The best way to be interesting is to be interested. I think everyone has their own story and passion subject.
  22. Noms master – Sounds better than foodie as I’m not always reviewing restaurants. I just love all aspects of food (mostly eating it).
  23. Beefcake Host – The north end crew is strong and we love our parties. I’m personally a lover of hosting.
  24. Digital visionary – This is a bit of a stretch. I don’t think you can self proclaim the title of a visionary unless you’re infinitely full of it. I might dial in back to “guy that reads a lot about tech and has strong opinions”
  25. Vibe ambassador – We must always curate the vibe of our environment
  26. Pragmatic strategist – Blue sky thinking needs to be brought down to actionable items. Sales thinks in weeks. Product thinks in months. C-suite strategy thinks in years. I want to sit somewhere in between product and c-suite to be practical on delivery.
  27. Relentless mind – “Sometimes you feel like a nut.” I love 90s commercial jingles. I think the ability to turn off a relentless mind is just as useful.
  28. Visual Linguist – Communication is key and I’m a huge fan of drawing infographics on whiteboards to simplify complex projects. Nowadays I just draw a lot of boxes and arrows with pretty colors.
  29. Loving son, husband, father, and friend – This is more aspirational and fluid than solidified. I hope to be loved and love you all.
  30. Chief Shilling Officer – Always be shilling.

~See Lemons Self Titled