30 Peak Dad Moments

Random Observation/Comment #791: “Dad, I’m hungry.” “Hi Hungry, I’m Dad.” – That’s peak dad.

Why this List?

I love Dadding. It’s an opportunity to say silly things and teach by having fun. I also realize most of the “Dad” things are closely tied to the pride of being handy in home improvement projects. Here are a few of my favorite peak Dad moments.

  1. Driving on the new i70 and saying “man, this is a nice road.”
  2. Setting up the scheduling for the thermostat via the app.
  3. Learning how to install a drywall stud successfully.
  4. Falling asleep on a chair at lunch while holding Evie.
  5. Not looking at Google maps for a trip and subsequently getting lost.
  6. Carrying kiddo on head while cooking or at any event where it’s easier than running around following the kiddo.
  7. Sunglasses that flip up like my dad’s.
  8. Watching way too many cooking TV shows and going through a phase of searching for a personal signature dish.
  9. Sitting at breakfast reading a newspaper or listening to an NPR podcast.
  10. Making a “that’s what she said” joke at a completely inappropriate time.
  11. Taking Evie to the pool with not enough thought to pack important things like sunscreen and towels.
  12. Feeling the need to buy a power washer, but not having anything to power wash.
  13. Walking around Home Depot for no real purpose. Just thinking about all the housework I could do, but likely will pay someone else to do so I don’t mess it up.
  14. Buying a snow blower, but wind up doing the shoveling manually because I need the workout.
  15. Buying and eating a turkey leg shamelessly at a market, Renaissance fair, amusement park, or Nat West stock show.
  16. Switching from suits and ties to bathrobes with socks and sandals.
  17. Constant shift between dad bod and carb cycling to run a half marathon.
  18. Leaning into a random hobby like playing VR table tennis.
  19. Considering buying a green egg and smoking some brisket to cook with some neighbors.
  20. Letting go of the bike and being super proud for exactly 2 seconds before she falls and you gotta go get some bandages and ice cream.
  21. Letting Evie put stickers all over my foot.
  22. Letting Evie put nail polish on my toes.
  23. Let’s go smoke or deep fry a turkey. What about a Tur-duck-en?
  24. Coming up with names Atom and Evie for kids.
  25. Use my body as a slide… Why not?
  26. Setting a schedule for the outdoor lights, Christmas tree, and Christmas lights. Kasa plugs FTW!
  27. Getting obsessed with pouring the perfect cup of coffee.
  28. Maybe I need a deli meat slicer. Think of all the things I can slice thinly!
  29. Learning all of the Disney songs and singing them during karaoke.
  30. Getting way too curious about Gabby’s Dollhouse and why there are so many different cats. Cakey and Pillow Cat are pretty cute.

~See Lemons at Peak Dad