30 Beard Meats Food cannon

Random Observation/Comment #797: You’re either the type of person that can’t look away or can’t take your eyes off of competitive eating videos. I gotta keep watching.

My own pasta “invention”

Why this List?

The YouTube algorithm has deemed that I love watching competitive eating videos (as well as table tennis and cooking). The best of the best is Beard Meats Food. It’s not because he’s always winning, but it’s mainly because his comments throughout the formula of his 10-15 minute videos is incredibly fun to listen to. I’ve spent many hours going through his 8 years of blogs and vlogs. The good stuff is in the past 2 years.

After listening to all these hours of Adam, here are my favorite pieces of a cannon for followers:

  1. Let’s get it! – It’s at the beginning of starting the challenge as a tag line. I actually have no idea what he says when starting the commentary which sounds like “eeetttccchhhaaa” which could be “its time?” I guess it’s just a random sound.
  2. Mrs. Beard love of garlic bread – There’s even a Christmas song for it (and it’s pretty catchy too) – I recently watched his day of eating Mrs Beard diet and there’s a lot of carbs. No judgment. Totally judging.
  3. Asking for dessert after crushing a restaurant challenge – Classic. It works every time.
  4. “Welcome back beard army” – I love being in the beard army! I need some swag.
  5. Always messing up the beginning when describing the challenge – Adam is definitely better at talking off the cuff from all his time vlogging. There’s a lot of cuts of him trying to remember the name of the restaurant, city area, and name of the dish, which adds to the charm.
  6. Complaining about the food temperature – “The food is too hot” or the cheese has solidified. I can imagine both could be bad. I rather have a bad taste than seared off roof-of-mouth-skin.
  7. Cleaning of the beard with paper towels in a top down fashion – It’s guaranteed to get done once in a video. There’s an aggressive nature to it that I like to watch.
  8. Sister beard eating series – There are only a few of these, but having a regular person eating side-by-side with a challenge is like having a regular person doing the Olympics next to the competitors. It’s just good to have a comparison of speed and volume.
  9. Adam being shorter than 5’10” – TBH I can’t believe Adam can stay in shape after eating so many calories and consistently making videos. He must have crazy discipline and a colon of steel.
  10. Saying “Delicious”, “YUM-my”, and “it was lovely” – There’s some variation with comments, but you can expect some of these in his video bingo.
  11. Asking patrons or service if they think he can finish the food – Usually they are supportive but doubt it. I love the comment “that’s the size of your torso.”
  12. “Thank you very mooch” – So I’ve started to say this in a British accent as an homage. No one knows what I’m talking about.
  13. Complaining about the chips/fries – Every burger challenge always puts multiple pounds of fries on the plate. I can get how this can all get repetitive.
  14. Wearing skinny jeans and converse sneakers – His intro is usually a first person walk around the restaurant when getting the intro. I think it’s rather stylish. I have no style.
  15. “Could I get a diet coke or something sweet and fizzy?” – It might start to be a problem if he orders this early in the challenge. I think I need a playlist of him failing challenges because I’ve seen too many successes.
  16. Followed by the joke “yes, diet. I’m watching my figure” – Classic beard joke. You crack me up.
  17. Wearing a jumper during challenges even though the weather seems super hot – I guess Adam just doesn’t want to show off his guns.
  18. Saying “Croissant” and “Calzone-i” properly – I’m personally a big fan of saying foreign words correctly. It’s gyro! Not tacos.
  19. Not finding a medium size t-shirt as a reward – I guess people that win these eating contests tend to be on the bigger side.
  20. Mixture of coughing and laughing which happens every challenge – There’s bound to be some talking with the mouth full and light laugh coughing when interacting with the crowd. I’m glad Adam goes the casual route instead of creating a clapping audience like Randy.
  21. Hatred of mushrooms because they float in the stomach and make him feel full – I guess I would hate them too if you don’t chew food and just get caps of shrooms slowly digesting. Mushrooms are pretty delicious for normal folk though.
  22. Notoriously bad at drinking alcohol and spicy foods – I do remember early videos of Adam eating the spicy chip challenge, but I get why it’d be pretty hard to eat loads of food with spices disrupting the stomach. I wonder if he has issues with dairy.
  23. Love of Five Guys and hatred of McDonald’s – As a NY-er who passed by a Five Guys walking to the subway, I absolutely love Five Guys burgers. McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches are delicious.
  24. Special Five Guys beard shake – Add that peanut butter to it!
  25. Backwash water – The water cups are absolutely disgusting after the challenge.
  26. Calling leftover food “debris” – Mrs Beard and Randy both give him a hard time for not finishing all the food even though he definitely does every time.
  27. Comparing England vs American or Canadian supporters of food challenges – Apparently English people are more pessimistic.
  28. Failing most Munch box memoirs challenges – If you ever want to see him fail, just look at these huge box series. I bet it’s a combination of a lot of food and food that travels poorly.
  29. Being generally the kindest person I’ve ever seen on YouTube – I don’t think this is just clever editing. Adam seems like a genuinely polite guy (even when he wants to secretly show people who doubt his abilities to finish a meal).
  30. “Hope you enjoyed the video and I’ll catch ya at the next one” – Thank you for all the great laughs and hours of entertainment!

~See Lemons love Beard Meats Food