[Travel Advice] Amsterdam (again)

Random Observation/Comment #801: I’m okay with not eating healthy while traveling, but this means I really need to be more mindful when eating at home. Getting fat.

Why I still Love Amsterdam

I visited Amsterdam for ETHAmsterdam in 2022 (travel advice). It was a short few days and I had a lot of work events, but it was still awesome because I got stuck there until Kings Day. For this trip, I was able to cover a few meetings within a half day, so most of it was just walking around and eating. I’m so ready to make this a yearly visit.

  • Canals never get old
  • I can walk around this town for weeks and still find new things
  • Seafood and sushi is super noms

No Itinerary Needed – Let’s just eat

Walking around Amsterdam while just a little bit cold, but sunny enough.

Truffle Benedict at Greenwood’s Singel – This is a revisit from last year. The mushroom truffle sauce was divine. Best breakfast ever.

French Onion soup and original ribs at Cafe de Klos – Another revisit from last year. The ribs fall off the bone and the baked potato is a must-add.

Beers at Mikkeller at Morebeer – More beer, please.

Eggs Benedict at Eggs Benaddicted! – Very creamy sauce. Look at that sheen.

Solo paddling near the Rijksmuseum

Mixed Grill for one, French fish soup, and the special Hermit Gin and Tonic at Seafood Bar – I personally loved the full flavor of the french fish soup with the crispy fresh fish mixed inside. I’m coming back here next year.

Tapas at Tapas Bar Catala – Personally love the spicy chorizo. Crispy and oily goes so well with the fresh bread.

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