30 Costco Food Buys

Random Observation/Comment #805: I love food shopping therapy because I get to also practice cooking and eating therapy afterwards.

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Why this List?

The YouTube recommendation algorithm has deemed it so. I started watching FlavCity with Bobby Parrish because I wanted to see what I should buy at Costco. This is the way of the house husband. After literally watching 5 hours of his content, I think I get the gist of the pattern:

  1. Look for non GMO certifications
  2. Avoid any “natural flavor”, gums, and emulsifiers in the ingredients
  3. Also avoid sunflower and soy oils
  4. Don’t buy with cellulose – especially for cheese
  5. Always pick wild caught instead of farm raised for seafood

Through the videos, I kept track of the things I should probably look at buying in bulk.

Note: There are non “bobby approved” items here, but I wanted to share my personal Go-To buys.

  1. Siete Family Foods almond flour tortillas – grain free, gluten free, and freezable. I’ve been doing my Sunday prep of burritos for the week.
  2. Banza pasta made with chickpeas for protein – Solid low carb option
  3. Frozen wild caught salmon from the frozen section – Even thought this is frozen, it’s good to know that all fish is shipped frozen and the ones out in the meat section are just thawed
  4. RAO’s tomato sauce – This is the only tomato sauce I buy
  5. Teton 100% grass-fed beef polish sausage – This is a solid sausage at a great price
  6. Wholly Guacamole – Even though I rather make my own guac, this is a great deal and it works well with those burritos
  7. Single origin coffee – whichever is single origin and not blended is has highest quality. Note that the coffee beans tend to decrease in flavor intensity after 14 days of opening.
  8. Acai bowls for smoothies – I prefer the individual packets. Acai packet + banana + almond milk + blended together = great breakfast smoothie. I can’t seem to find the packets anymore so I’m just using the smoothie bowl.
  9. Parmigiano regiano cheese – Definitely a must-have in my fridge. It’s certified and great for microplane grating for any pasta dish. I also keep the rinds for making tomato sauce.
  10. Kerigold Irish Dubliner cheese – Great for a cheese plate
  11. Organic feta cheese from Kirkland – I think it’s better to get the feta blocks and then crumble it for salad. I sometimes replace paneer with feta and get a saag feta dish.
  12. Lamb racks flown from Australia – This is delicious and great with a red wine marinade
  13. Organic ground beef fresh or 100% Grass fed (or grass finish) beef in the frozen section – This is such a great deal and can be awesome to defrost for meatballs or just any impromptu summer bbq.
  14. Almond flour – It’s always good to have some for impromptu baking
  15. Frozen Cauliflower rice – This is apparently bobby approved and extremely healthy. I’ll try it otu.
  16. That’s it fruit bars – Super healthy and better than fruit leather.
  17. Keto granola – Great as a late night snack
  18. Proscuitto de Parma – I always have some of these for meat and cheese platters
  19. Sprouted grain bread Ezekiel – I can’t seem to find the link for it on the website, but I’ll look for it when I’m shopping
  20. Kirkland extra virgin olive oil I use this for salad, but also cook with it if it’s for omelets
  21. Avocado oil – I usually cook with this because of the high temp
  22. Kirkland Maple Syrup – As real as it gets!
  23. Health aid kombucha – If I’m cutting down on drinking, I’m usually having something like a kombucha to quench my thirst
  24. Kirkland grass fed butter – I still buy kerigold, but apparently the Kirkland one is 95% grass fed
  25. Kodiak waffles – Not organic or bobby approved, but I love these for a quick breakfast
  26. Chicken bone broth – I definitely take some shortcuts with my broths, but I also make some soups from my chicken carcasses
  27. Liquid IV hydration – Legendary life saver for next morning hydration
  28. Dinosaur Chicken nuggets – these are probably terrible, but Evie loves them
  29. Whole roasted chicken – These aren’t organic, but they sure are delicious
  30. Kirkland wine and champagne – I haven’t had bad wine from Kirkland

~See Lemons buy in Bulk