30 Generative AI Image Experiments

Random Observation/Comment #807: My new hobby is to look at images, try to describe them in detail, and then recreate it with some AI tool in a different style or combined artists.

Why this list?

I love experimenting with Generative AI image projects like midjourney, stable diffusion, dall-e via bing’s image creator, and Leonardo.ai. I personally have found midjourney to be most in depth, but Bing has the most free credits (100 image credits that resets daily) and decent results for fun little things. Here are some topics and prompts that I’ve explored.

  1. Creative signature food dishes
  2. Specific dishes like a beef wellington or whatever we’re cooking
  1. Legend of zelda portraits to celebrate my love of playing tears of the kingdom
  1. Portraits of specific celebrities
  2. Cinco de mayo or other holiday tributes that I can post for a holiday
  1. Personal profile pictures reimagined
  1. Princess Leia for May 4th
  1. Artist creation techniques like ink, water color, color pencils, printmaking, sculpture, chalk, pastels, or markers
  2. Adding specific art mediums like oil, acrylic, mixed media, photography, graphic art, or charcoal sketches
  3. More obscure art creation like Chromatography, paint pouring, graffiti, aerosol sprays, plaster frescos, clay firing, pottery, single line art, origami
  1. Specifying color palettes like pride colors, sepia tone, or earth tones
  2. Combining art eras together like surrealism, impressionism, abstract, pop art, modernism, Renaissance, expressionism, futurism
  3. Tattoo ideas inspired by specific tattoo artists or styles
  4. Adding “on lsd”
  1. Adding “Fractals” and” symmetry”
  1. Specific types of buildings designer by architects like Guggenheim or Gaudi
  2. Specifying styles or artists like realism – see Styles and Keywords
  3. Directly just prompting “title of artwork” by “artist” and “artist 2” collaboration
  4. Looking at paintings and trying to recreate with AI prompts based on a description
  1. Animal combinations like the head of a fly with the body of a lizard
  2. Adding Cypherpunk, steam punk, or metal to prompts
  3. Adding vector design or logos to combine together – although these Generative AI platforms are notoriously bad at text
  4. Specifying a brand itself like Gucci, Apple, Nike, or Balenciaga
  5. Specifying a location like a futuristic city or architecture styles
  6. Creating new spaceships in nebulas
  7. Combining interior design styles for kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, backyards, dining rooms, etc. I think cabin mod contemporary chic interior designs
  1. Combining famous pop culture robots together
  2. Looking at abstract combinations like clouds, webs, rays, water waves, splashes
  1. Random inspiration like eating at a restaurant like the gnarly gnome and making gnomes with sandwiches
  1. Fun Prompts like “robot dreams”

~See Lemons Generate AI images