30 Common AI Requests

Random Observation/Comment #809: The best way to learn AI is to build with the tools (and ask ChatGPT to give you a full 2-hour crash course with tested projects).

Generated on Hovercode

Why this list?

There are so many use cases and buzzwords for AI tools. We basically want AI to do everything to make us more productive without replacing our jobs. I think being more efficient is my operational super power, so I can’t wait to include more tools in my subroutines.

After writing this list, I can probably create short videos teaching people how to do these. Might be a fun how-to channel.

  1. Create a QR code combined with image generation – There’s a great free AI QR code generator called Hovercode that I used for the hero image. It works pretty well and could be interesting for engaging on socials.
  2. Write an article in my voice – The best way I’ve found to do this is to ask ChatGPT to analyze a piece of my writing via a PDF link for voice, tone, vocabulary, and sentence structure. From there you ask ChatGPT to write a type of text about a topic for a specific target audience “in the style just analyzed capturing its tone, voice, vocabulary, and sentence structure.” You can also write it in other people’s voices or in traditional academic styles.
  3. Write me a poem or song matching a specific artists or poets style – This is usually a fun party trick for ChatGPT. The formula could be “Can you write a [type of song] about [subject], incorporating [additional details].” An example could be “Write a jazz song about the beauty of nature, incorporating elements of swing and using improvisation and rich harmonies to capture the complexity and diversity of the natural world.” If you combine this with some of the text-to-music tools, you can actually do a pretty good job of getting a beat and song out the door.
  4. Proofread and add references to my academic whitepaper – This is another ChatGPT prompt or you can use Perplexity.ai for specific answers with references. If you feed an existing paper, you can backwards search some references.
  5. Help me brainstorm some ideas on different names, outlines, or topics – I tend to use this one the most within ChatGPT just so I can push my thinking wider. The requests for these can be honed with follow-up fine tuning questions.
  6. Suggest my next articles that would do well with SEO based on current top ranking articles or videos – You can use plugins and Google trends to look for successful articles based on keywords. You can also just search by the most successful top views and copy the titles and then ask to get 10 more titles that might do well in the market.
  7. Learn my public data about my product and let people ask a chatbot questions about it – This has been the most basic introduction of chatbot AI, which is providing a better customer success and Zendesk help experience. Putting this into developer docs is definitely low hanging fruit.
  8. Learn my specific private data and let my employees ask questions about it so I can create an onboarding agent – The next iteration of ChatGPT will likely be for enterprise with integration into existing tools like Slack or Discord. The ChatGPT Enterprise bot will allow you to self-host or create some trained bot with private storage that’s directly integrated as a co-pilot/agent expert. This is great for teaching new joiners of companies and DAOs. An onboarding DAO discord bot would be an awesome tool to add for my base DAO tools.
  9. Learn my specific private data and let my employees train the agent so I can have an internal expert that gets smarter with my company – As with above, the ability to group chat and train with this co-pilot is invaluable and creates a new way of storing trained data. I consider myself a bit of a historian at Consensys, but now my clembot will replace me.
  10. Learn all of my publicly created social media posts and recommend what next post would be interesting based on the current trending news – This is the place where Meta may win out over Google, Apple, and Microsoft. The amount of personally created content can create these social media assistants to help with connecting photos and thoughts into full posts.
  11. Make me a meme that has a high chance of going viral – The old school way of doing this is probably just fine.
  12. Help me do due diligence by reading multiple pdfs, links, or books and letting me ask statistical questions about the data – The smaller VCs are likely doing this by feeding public data into specifically trained threads. At the end of the day, you’re querying a super analyst.
  13. Based on a specific user type, help me fill out a survey to complete a research design interview – There are some clever tools using the summaries and creating transcript from user interviews such as notably.ai. I’ve also seen the ability to use Google Sheets and generation of text that fits into the specific persona that wants to use your tool.
  14. Make my slides for me so the narrative fits the time frame, audience, conference, and simple topic – By default, my first request is to ChatGPT to outline the slides that would fit best in the timeframe with recommendations on titles. If you want to do end-to-end automated slides, you can try out Tome.ai
  15. Draw something that is so ridiculous and has never been drawn before in different artistic styles and mediums – I’ve made 30 Generative AI Image Experiments through Midjourney, Bing Image Creator (Dall-E), Stable Diffusion, Recraft.ai and Leonardo.ai. I remember the early days of 1000words photoshop contests from 2010s. I feel like now I can generate a bunch of fun things on a whim.
  16. Come up with a cool hero image that represents my blog article – In order to create a hero image that matches a blog article, I would normally paste the full article into ChatGPT for proofreading and simplifying, and then in the same thread ask for recommended titles, introductions, and image descriptions.
  17. Write me a code snippet someone can follow and implement – I’ve found that Google Bard does slightly better with code generation and following frameworks. Github or Repl copilot is probably more conveniently integrated into an IDE and deployment template.
  18. Write me a whole curriculum and learning path that would fit a beginner, intermediate, or expert for a specific topic – I’m so excited for AI to disrupt education. In the short term, we’ll just get a flood of coursera or MOOC available courses that are basically AI-generated learning tools. With a few prompts, you can get end-to-end paths, modules, articles, degrees, etc
  19. Help me write scripts that integrate multiple APIs – It’s never been easier to write make/run compile scripts that combine multiple command line applications.
  20. Act as a consultant and suggest different strategies for optimizing my business – I’ve always struggled with some of the recommendations for how to use my lists of 30. I guess if it made money, then I would feel pressure to refine my content and do research :).
  21. Suggest an itinerary for me visiting a particular new country given my particular goals, time of year, type of tour, costs, restaurants, and other possible restrictions – We’ve actually used this as a family for our latest trip to Jackson, WY and when I visited Malta and Amsterdam.
  22. Recommend stocks that would be good long term 10 year purchases for my portfolio – There’s a combination of “Public” plugin and other real-time and historical market data to get some comprehensive financial analysis. The problem here is the upkeep in latest data. You can zoom out and it’ll likely just keep buying Nvidia because of the hardware play.
  23. Read through SEC filings and summarize their impact on my portfolio of stocks – The “Abridged Due Diligence” plugin keeps analyzing specific data set of public filings and can give summaries
  24. Help me find the best product based on ratings and recommendations – You can use the “Shop” plug-in and tell ChatGPT your specific requirements for the product
  25. Help me search for the most watched youtube video about a particular topic (e.g. chatgpt) and rewrite their introduction – The “Voxscript” and “Video Highlight” plugins work really well together for gaining insight off of transcripts and summaries.
  26. I want to understand specific github repository code better – The “ChatWithGit” plugin allows you to search for code on GitHub repos based on the query
  27. Help me find flight deals and hotel rooms for a specific date range – This is such a richer experience than just searching through Google Flights, Kayak, and Airbnb. Especially with the plugins, you now have an easy way to plan the logistics of a trip and even give permission to book it.
  28. Autogenerate text off of a trained version of my voiceElevenlabs is the only other subscription I have besides Midjourney and ChatGPT. I don’t think I use it enough, but it’s pretty fun.
  29. Write me a ChatGPT plugin – The coolest part about ChatGPT coding is that you’re automatically working with the ChatGPT developers for scaled expansion of the site. There’s no need for a help section because the tool gives you all the information to write a plugin.
  30. Give me a summary of all news for AI, Web3, or another industry so I can easily write a newsletter about competitor analysis – I’ve been working on optimizing this. Looking forward to sharing in a few months.

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