30 Lasts with Evie

Random Observation/Comment #810: Wealth buys time. I’ll exchange a few years of ambition for a few years of enjoying her childhood.

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Why this list?

I’m a sappy dad. While I’m optimistic about most things because I set low expectations, there is a part of me that fears time passing by too fast. It’s the reason I write so much – to slow down time. To write this list, I reflected very deeply on my daily tasks and monotony, and the little things I’ll miss in a very short amount of time.

My conclusion after writing this list: I’ll do my best to remember each of these moments because they could be the last.

  1. Last time helping her with making slime because she knows how to do it herself already – 1 more year of helping her measure or make sure she doesn’t stick stuff to the carpet
  2. Last time asking her to write a birthday card for friends and helping her spell it out – 1 more year and then I’ll just remind her to make one
  3. Last time helping her pick out and put on her outfit – Maybe 1 more year, but I’ll probably throw clothes on her to get her out the door faster
  4. Last time carrying her on my shoulders – For as long as I can. I’ll keep working out to add a few more years of this.
  5. Last time playing tag around the house – 4 more years? Until I can’t catch her?
  6. Last time reading her a bedtime story – 4 more years?
  7. Last time I tucked her into bed with her yearn blanket and piggie – Hopefully 5 more years
  8. Last time watching a kids Disney movie with her and learning the songs together – Hopefully 6 more years. She’s into theater.
  9. Last time riding in a car seat and helping her buckle in – 1 more year
  10. Last time being invited to her tea party – Maybe 2 more years. Tea parties are great.
  11. Last time she fell asleep in the car and I need to carry her inside without waking her – 4 more years? I think I can carry 70lbs up the stairs.
  12. Last time taking a bath with her – Probably 1 more year
  13. Last time cutting her food into smaller pieces – Probably 1 more year, but she’s more than capable
  14. Last time holding her hands and helping her cross the street – 4 more years?
  15. Last time helping her build a fort out of blankets and pillows – Hopefully 2 more years
  16. Last time helping her write a letter to Santa – 2 more years
  17. Last time helping her blow up a balloon – 2 more years
  18. Last time asking me to push her on the swing – 1 more year
  19. Last time grabbing milk and cereal for her in the fridge for breakfast – 2 more years. She’s already tall enough and pretty strong on the self-pouring
  20. Last time teaching her how long of times things are – I don’t think kids know actual “10 minutes” until they’re 7
  21. Last time helping her with paint by sticker books – 2 years
  22. Last time helping her with a jigsaw puzzle and starting to do 500-1000 pieces together – 3 years?
  23. Last time “going easy” on her with board games – 7 years
  24. Last time helping pack her lunch – I can probably do this until middle school if she likes my cooking
  25. Last time teaching her how to ride a bike – 2 years? She surprisingly doesn’t like bike riding, but we live in Denver so we probably need to
  26. Last time she asked me to play hide-and-seek and she doesn’t giggle while hiding behind a curtain – Maybe 2 years. She did find a crazy hiding spot the other day and we legit couldn’t find her for 10 minutes
  27. Last time she asked me to blow bubbles with her in the backyard – I may have ended this early by buying a bubble machine
  28. Last time she asked me to cuddle next to her so she could fall sleep – 5+ years
  29. Last time helping her with hand stands and cartwheels – Hopefully 2 years. She’s getting much better in building strength
  30. Last time playing sleepy paws – Probably 2 years, but sleep paws is pretty awesome

~See Lemons Cherish the lasts

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As a father, I’ve come to realize that parenthood is a series of fleeting moments. Each day, each milestone, each laugh and tear, they all add up to form the beautiful journey of raising a child. But amidst the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to overlook the significance of these moments, especially the “last times”.

The “last times” are often as poignant as the “firsts”, yet they slip by unnoticed. We celebrate the first steps, the first words, the first day of school, but we rarely recognize the lasts until they are long gone – the last bottle, the last bedtime story, the last hand held crossing the street.

This list is a tribute to those “last times”. It’s a reminder to cherish every moment, to hold onto the joy, the love, and even the bittersweetness of seeing our children grow up. It’s a celebration of the journey, a testament to the passage of time, and a love letter to the beautiful, complex, and rewarding experience of parenthood.

So here are 30 “last times” that every parent might relate to, 30 reminders of the fleeting nature of childhood, and 30 reasons to hold our children a little tighter and appreciate the present moment. Because in the end, it’s these moments that make up the fabric of our lives and the memories that we’ll carry with us forever.