30 Positive Sentences for Evie

Random Observation/Comment #812: When can I start saying “you go girl!”? My ultimate dad form would be complete.

Why this list?

I want Evie to grow up in a positive environment. As a parent, the way you communicate with your child can significantly shape their self-perception and influence their behavior. To me, this means the questions we ask and conversations we have reinforce hard work and appreciation – I want to praise effort over inherent ability.

Out of all the things I want to teach my daughter, the main one would be perspective. Class never goes out of style.

  1. “Yes! Let’s do it together” – I love gamification and active participation. Playfulness is such a big part of our relationship and it also helps with teamwork and cooperation.
  2. “What’s our job? To keep you safe.” – We tend to say this a lot because we want to make sure Evie knows we’re not just arbitrarily exerting authority.
  3. “Wow! You really worked hard on solving that problem.” – We want to encourage perseverance and problem-solving skills so effort and grit supercedes natural inherent ability.
  4. “Let’s make some arts and crafts!” – I love that Evie makes crafts and plays with slime. She’s totally going to be an arts and drama girl. I wish for her to have a great imagination and roll with it.
  5. “Let’s eat dinner together at the table” – We’re trying to do this a lot more (even if it’s only for 10 minutes of shoveling food down). I grew up keeping this time sacred and I feel like we would have done a pretty decent job if this ritual continues. When she gets into her teens, I’m sure it’ll be “Come home for dinner.”
  6. “How do you think this thing works?” – I’m a big fan in asking and then giving some ELI5 explanations. I think it encourages curiosity and critical thinking, sparking interest in how things work.
  7. “You’ve made such a difference by…” – It’s important to reinforce the impact of their actions, helping them see the value they bring.
  8. “I love how you stood up for what you believe in.” – When she gets to this point, it takes courage to express beliefs, which nurtures integrity and conviction.
  9. “Thank you for cooperating.” – Teamwork makes the dream work.
  10. “I can see you’ve put a lot of thought into this.” – It’s important to carefully consider different angles and planning. Decision-making is everything.
  11. “I love your creativity! How did you think of that?” – I’m always curious how young brains work – tell me the weird logic that got you to this hilarious answer.
  12. “You’re really making progress with…” – Especially with handstands and music. I want to shows recognition and appreciation of her improvement.
  13. “I’m proud of you for trying even when it was hard.” – Doing hard things makes them worth doing. I think this acknowledges her perseverance and effort so she could be resilient.
  14. “I believe in you.” – I try to say this as much as possible.
  15. “I love how you approached that challenge.” – The problem-solving skills and strategic thinking is something I like to think through.
  16. “That was a kind thing you did.” – I want her to know the importance of kindness and consideration.
  17. “You were very brave when you…” – I think the idea of bravery is best described in the moment.
  18. “It’s okay to feel sad or angry.” – Even though I’m a robot, I recognize feelings are important and it’s better to feel them together than have them bundled up.
  19. “I’m sorry, I made a mistake.” – We all have to be accountable and show humility. If I admit I’m wrong, maybe she’ll do the same.
  20. “It’s okay to make mistakes, they help us learn.” – It’s the hardest part of the learning process.
  21. “I appreciate your patience.” – Patience is a tough one. I think there’s a gift being excited, but delaying reward also has its benefits.
  22. “That’s a great question!” – Praise doesn’t hurt. I even use this technique when I’m doing workshops. She’s showing curiosity and eagerness to learn, so we should encourage this behavior.
  23. “I love seeing the world through your eyes.” – I value her unique perspective and I want to promote self-expression and individuality.
  24. “I admire how you handled that situation.” – I feel like I’ll be saying this at a slightly older age.
  25. “Do you wanna build a snowman?” – Hopefully we’ll always have our cute inside jokes and still sing Disney songs together.
  26. “I see you’re having a hard time. Let’s take a deep breath and come back to this.” – You can’t solve problems when she turns into a demon child. I just recently told her we all have monsters inside of us that get out when we’re emotional.
  27. “Let’s do a story cave!” – We love story caves.
  28. “What could you have done differently?” – This comes up pretty frequently because I want to help her build a number of options so she’s not driven too much by emotional rage or impulsive actions.
  29. “I’m proud of you.” – I already am. It doesn’t take much.
  30. “I love you. Good night.” – This will never get old.

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