30 Random Q3 2023 Insights

Random Observation/Comment #818: ChatGPT has terrible random observations. I’m in the business of being clever.

Why this list?

There’s no shortage of random insights. Some of them are dad jokes. Some of them are memories. They all make me pause and feel.

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  1. “I have those. That’s a weird way to say thanks. What a good twist.”
  2. The key to a happy life is to have low expectations. As long as you accept that your dream might not go exactly as you planned – You will still feel fulfilled at the pursuit of your dreams.
  3. You get to define your own success
  4. It takes courage to be bad at something
  5. The mental battle between a Dad going out or sleeping in during a trip depends on the age of your kid. Less than a year old? You’re getting some sleep. Over 4 years old? You’re staying out and partying.
  6. I used to be cool. Now, I’m a tiny persons snack bitch
  7. You know what they say about unicorns… They’re very horny
  8. If a product is free, you’re not the customer, you’re the product
  9. Protect buttons. Don’t push them.
  10. Why I’m still working at Consensys is “I get to” instead of “I have to”
  11. Never laughed so hard at Theresa being murdered
  12. Don’t give up on your dreams. Go back to sleep.
  13. The moat is execution.
  14. Stressed spelled backwards is desserts
  15. It’s so hot the garlic took it’s cloves off
  16. Friend: What a terrible idea
    Me: Traveling with children?
    Friend: No, just having children
  17. Friendship is my reliability gift
  18. You can be 10x better or 10x different
  19. What did the ocean say to the beach? – Nothing. It just waved.
  20. I got fired at the keyboard factory because I didn’t put in enough shifts
  21. Does anyone else do this: whenever I see gouda cheese I say it like Luda
  22. You can’t aim at fun or you’re going to miss
  23. Are you willing to sign the front of the check or the back of the check?
  24. Rationalization is one of man’s most clever, but most dangerous inventions
  25. Life is suffering so choose something worth suffering for
  26. Don’t just live the length of your life. Live its width and depth. We live in 3d.
  27. Accept that people who have lived different lives than you will want different things and will see the world differently. What looks like debates are often just people with different lived experiences talking over each other.
  28. You’re not going to win doing someone else’s dream
  29. My friends said I have revenge issues. We’ll see about that…
  30. Use the weekends to build the life you want, not escape the life you have

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