30 Things I’m Making

Random Observation/Comment #819: In retirement, I hope to always create. The balance of passive absorption and active creation drives my productivity and general purpose.

//Generated on Midjourney with description generated with GPT4: An abstract representation of the concept of ‘making,’ where traditional physical creations like a paintbrush, hammer, and laptop are intertwined with metaphysical elements like a heart, a brain, and a pair of intertwined hands, all set against a cosmic background.

Why this list?

I was listening to Nick Offerman on Conan Obrien Needs a Friend podcast and he brings up “making things” as a core part of life. 100%. What are you making in this world? If pure creation is too tough for your list, consider the net positive outcomes. Ideally, you would create as much as you consume.

  1. Writing random lists of 30 – still one of my favorite pass times
  2. Filling books of drawings and journals – highly recommended routine
  3. Cooking delicious meals for friends to enjoy – I also just like making random creations
  4. Making photos and curating albums of fun activities for friends
  5. Raising a productive and curious daughter to hopefully make this world a better place
  6. Creating videos of lectures related to web3 and AI
  7. Writing strategy and research pieces for my personal startup
  8. Fleshing out ideas into deliverables – I love brainstorming
  9. Drawing architecture diagrams and infographics – boxes with arrows!
  10. Writing restaurant reviews as a Google Guide – this is just a fun way to remember my favorite places
  11. Tweaking personal rules and principles to follow – This is the way
  12. Building habits and traditions within the family – I love it when we celebrate multiple global party traditions. Throwing parties – woohoo!
  13. Exercising to make muscles and a healthy heart to live as long as possible
  14. Cobbling together random inventions for my side projects – Why buy a plastic thing, when I can glue something together?
  15. Taking notes of random observations and comments as a human making sense of this world – latest random insights
  16. Creating a nurturing and peaceful home with a predictable routine
  17. Making feelings of joy, happiness, and safeness
  18. Making people laugh and feel seen
  19. Making a safe space at work to encourage people to share and connect more deeply than just being coworkers
  20. Designing a personal fashion sense and proud self image – My transition from crypto t-shirt to Hawaiian shirts to band t-shirts is full circle to a high schooler’s fashion sense. Benjamin Button but in terms of fashion sense.
  21. Volunteering for non profits or at the school
  22. Engineering a sense of purpose within my team and Consensys
  23. Being musical in different ways – I do like karaoke
  24. Establishing a legacy through mentorship – This is true for a personal career fulfillment
  25. Manifesting opportunities for serendipity, connection, and kindness – Observing and then acting with kindness is such an important part of my philosophy
  26. Refining a methodology for reflective practice – Meditation and sitting in silence is so hard to achieve
  27. Curating a vibe – We gotta vibe together
  28. Forging a blueprint for conflict resolution in relationships – Having this helps us deal with any group issues without hurting each other
  29. Training an AI to be my digital successor – Chat with Clembot from the grave – your digital help for grandparent or parent digital living Wills and trusts management
  30. Making lasting memories and triumph moments for the whole family

~See Lemons Make Things

Why This List? (intro generated by gpt4)

In our fast-paced world, we often equate ‘making’ or ‘creating’ with producing tangible items or digital assets—things you can touch, see, or interact with. But what if we expand that definition to include the intangible, yet invaluable things we also bring into existence?

From crafting communities and fostering relationships to shaping ideas and influencing thoughts, ‘making’ can take on a far more profound and wide-reaching impact. This list ventures beyond the traditional notion of creation to explore 30 unconventional, yet profoundly impactful things you can make. It aims to challenge your perception of productivity and value, inviting you to consider the diverse ways you contribute to the world around you.