30 Ideas for GPTs

Random Observation/Comment #823: The Future of Work will be different. Change always scares people, even if it’s for the better better and gives you back more time to enjoy life.

Why this list?

GPTs are AI Agents that can be built through OpenAI’s GPT Builder (which is now fully rolled out to all ChatGPT Plus users) and hosted by OpenAI. The GPT Store will allow you to discover and eventually pay for access to these trained AI Agents. Once I got access, it was surprisingly easy to build these AI chatbots like I would build any website.

The way I see it, there’s a similar tech evolution between blogs (your wordpress site) and blogging platforms (medium/substack/mirror that handles auto-scaling and auto-hosting with design tools) to privately hosted GPTs and GPTs hosted by OpenAI in the GPT Store. There’s still a gap with a GPT-naming-service like DNS (URL Domains) and ENS (Ethereum Naming Service), and also a browser-specific interface optimized for interacting with GPTs.

Pro Tip 1: If you’re looking for some GPT ideas, you can just Google it and you’ll see what people have started publishing with ” inurl:”https://chat.openai.com/g” “

Pro Tip 2: For those making GPTs, you can use Gobble bot to make all-in-1-files – https://gobble.bot/

Pro Tip 3: If you have a WordPress site, then you can export to XML and use GPT4 data analysis to convert the XML to txt without the XML/HTML tags and URLs.

Note 1: For now (Nov 17, 2023), you can only access the customized GPTs if you have a ChatGPT Plus account.

Note 2: Some of these GPTs will need fine tuning for replicating writing styles or specific training at a higher context, but I think OpenAI will move towards more customization and configuration in future iterations.

  1. GPT for substack writers – Talk with your substack. Talk with my Lists of 30 Writer trained on my lists of 30 and books with custom instructions to just write lists in a friendly way – https://chat.openai.com/g/g-nb1ak2nPR-lists-of-30-writer
  2. Ghostwriter GPT for authors – This would be more complex than just chatting with the writer because you’d try to emulate your author’s style and predictions. This would also include your favorite authors and similar writing samples for inspiration. You can either have the bot ask for writing samples or have this be genuinely a Clemens ghostwriter for hire.
  3. Marketing GPT for writing web3 whitepapers – Trained on the top whitepapers with clear successful market distribution like Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Avalanche, and Uniswap. This would provide a step-by-step guide to write each section with a consistent voice and recommended diagrams.
  4. SWOT GPT for competitor analysis – I would train this specifically for the web3 wallet, layer 2, and gateway space so I could query around the latest features and news from specific news distributions. I’m sure listening to RSS feeds will be added to subsequent versions (but for now, you can probably use Feedly).
  5. News GPT for scraping latest financial services insights – I can’t say this would be accurate with an out-of-the-box GPT configuration. I would love to see a push of data (initialization from the GPT to my open conversation thread). Actually push data would be super convenient as an interface to GPTs since they’re all just fancy CRON jobs.
  6. Ideas GPT for describing web3 hackathon project winners – Learn the latest popular hackathon projects and try to build them off the open source githubs or render via Replit. Suggest science projects for extending these to possible post-hackathon companies.
  7. Developer advocate GPT for writing coding tutorials – You can likely use a github copilot directly, but maybe some of the python code can be tested within code interpreter functionality. I’d love to see an end-to-end workflow embedded and established.
  8. Reddit GPT for generating memes in articles – I’ve personally loved using the Meme Creator plug-in because it calls a meme generator API for direct generation of memes. You can create this with function calls and it looks like all plugins could be base capability components that can be recommended in function calls.
  9. Estate planning GPT for digital legacies – The botpress conversation flow and logic with specific variable collection would be more accurate for the estate planning process. It seems like the questions with clarifying requests would be easy to automate into different packages. At a surface, it’d be Lemonade for digital estate planning.
  10. Safety GPT for crypto security – The features I’d like to see here would be deeper than just suggesting generic safety rules. The GPT should collect data by asking some questions about your current best practices and then from there lead to a high level security score. To improve the security score, the AI Agent could suggest activities that make your overall solution more safe.
  11. Financial advisor GPT for crypto portfolio management – Deploying an automated bot following macro financial advice from key sources could make recommendations for diversifying your exposure across multiple crypto assets. A big request here is Human-in-the-Loop designs with medium term approximations on investments.
  12. Retirement GPT for traditional financial assets management – After a magical number is achieved through hard work and saving, perhaps your retirement financial advisor would review your spendings and give a quick synopsis of certain large purchases. I’d love the AI Agent to tell me that I have $X in assets that could be sold to cash and a $Y/month budget in order to die at age 85 with <$100k in my bank account. In fact, I’d give a Retirement GPT to my parents so they would get ideas on how to spend their money.
  13. Legal GPT for writing Wills and Trusts – I thought of a “suite” of GPTs that could work together and delegate more detailed tasks that require extensive deep industry knowledge. A general estate planning GPT could just deal with sales and operations. The Legal GPT would draft, review, and submit Wills and Trusts with specific instructions to make sure everything is updated.
  14. Beneficiary GPT for interpreting the Will and Trust – Every beneficiary is probably approaching the death of their friend and the inheritance with a lot of distress. This GPT would help review and interpret the Will and give summaries about the assets in the Trust. I’d also add some educational material on different financial asset management activities (e.g. crypto security, crypto rebalancing) and advice on taxes.
  15. Social media GPT for automated post writing – I wonder if we would want a Facebook for Dead People (or just FB in 15 years). If my social media GPT automatically made jokes or shared random information about my life events while I was active on FB then maybe we get to relive the good ole days. This would require some hefty authentication and trust. It might not be a bad idea to create a “GPT Notifications” page of pending drafts written by my personal GPT.
  16. Trainer GPT for healthy habits – Along the theme of digital legacy planning, I think a personal trainer that watches your workouts and suggests additional reps and longer plans via GPT4V would be pretty cool. I’d love to get reminders and have it play some of my favorite hype music.
  17. Wanderlust GPT for travel recommendations – I could write a generic one or feed this specialized GPT with my posts of travel advice and checklist of visited countries. It could then help me plan some upcoming trips for the year that would be family friendly and scratch my travel itch.
  18. Conferences GPT to plan out a year of conference-going – While we were getting out of the pandemic at the end of 2021, I wrote a list of 30 Conferences I Want to Attend. This list actually took much longer to write than usual because I had to lookup the actual upcoming conferences that cover my broad interests. It would be super convenient for the Conference GPT to do a lookup of aggregate conference sites and recommend combined trips around attending conferences.
  19. Foodie GPT for local restaurant reviews – I would train this GPT on an extract of my Google Reviews and then suggest places to eat for lunch or date night dinners based on this aggregation. Perhaps it would ask me what I’m in the mood for and how far I want to drive?
  20. Daily Chef GPT analyzing my fridge – Meal planning for the week is not easy towards Thursday when you’ve depleted most meals and start thinking about how yesterday’s dinner leftovers can be crafted into something delicious for lunch. This daily chef GPT could analyze a photo of your fridge and then recommend different dishes that could be made with it. I’d have it output in a format of naming the dish something yummy-tasting, prep time, and high level recipe.
  21. Fancy Chef GPT exploring new creations – Rather than a daily slog, the Fancy Chef inspires me to make specific dishes that I could have seen on Beat Bobby Flay (I love that show). The AI Agent would share anime food generated dishes and recipes associated with them. It’d try to keep the cooking time under 3 hours with reasonable number of ingredients.
  22. Project Manager GPT summarizing my weekly accomplishments – I personally think middle management software white collar jobs are the most at risk through the integration of AI Agents. Connecting to a source of JIRA tickets, Google Drive files, Notion tickets, Slack messages, and email servers should be enough for a short summary from every employee coordinated by a GPT lead that provides impact on the next release date. This level of granularity for individual contributors could be overwhelming.
  23. Binge watcher GPT recommending available streaming shows – I’ve often watched from my List on these multiple streaming services based on recommendations by others. If there was a place to keep my watched shows then I would definitely save this sample and ask this GPT to provide me with an overview of shows to watch. I’d probably chat within a single thread so it’d keep my history of favorites.
  24. Non-profit GPT helping suggest donation causes – There’s websites for this, but perhaps the customization of recommendations could be unique to other filterable components. I personally love Donors Choose because of the double/triple matches from 3M and other firms to complete projects.
  25. Deck Check GPT to go over my slides before the type of event and suggest talking points to highlight – This would be a nice feature in Google Workspace/Duet AI all together. Maybe there’s a presentation practice mode where it records your practice and suggest different edits or changes in tone.
  26. Searcher GPT for other GPTs – The old interface of the app store is dead; long live the linguistic query-able app store that sells recommendation training biases. I hope there’s transparency in GPT biases (what if I just had a super popular software picking GPT that only suggested products that I sold affiliate links to?)
  27. YouTube Assistant GPT that writes chapters from transcripts – I actually used the one built by Wes Roth from his early channel. It requires you to copy and paste from the transcript to a txt file, but it does a decent job in breaking down the important timestamps. https://chat.openai.com/g/g-Kx8TSfNF9-yt-ai-video-descriptions-video-chapters-assist
  28. ELI5 GPT pulling from the best sub reddit answers – I love the ELI5 nature of writing analogies for complex concepts. The question is if I would rather crowdsource from a bunch of lurkers and trolls or likely get trolled by a blackbox bot giving cheeky answers.
  29. 30 Day Challenge GPT – I love doing 30 day challenges and I’d love to chat with an AI Agent that can pull from multiple blog sources on which ones would fit my schedule best. Honestly, I’d probably love doing more cooking challenges.
  30. Triumph GPT recommending more triumph moments – We all need Triumph moments in our lives. I write yearly reflections and I don’t think I would trade it for any AI bot summarizing my year’s life. I will, however, feed all my year-end review Triumph Reflection blogposts into this AI bot so it can suggest some more badass things to do.

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