30 Human Ages of GPT

Random Observation/Comment #824: GPT40 cut deep.

Why this list?

2023 is going to be the year of Wars and AI (and AI Wars). The most impressive part of this technological achievement is the existential threat to SaaS businesses and white collar workers. If you see the differences from Nov 2022 to Nov 2023, you’d think the LLM and surrounding technology took 5 years. GPT releases of more developer-friendly and no-code/low-code acceptable “on-demand software” is going to change the world.

GPT/AI Agents are still toddlers learning about the world and grasping the same existential questions as my child would. I am not looking forward to the teenage years where it hates us.

I wrote this list for fun as a lifetime GPT mapping of crises and humor.

  1. GPT 3.5 (The Conversationalist) – I can have a conversation about anything, but I’ll probably tell you my training data is from Sept 2021.
  2. GPT 4 (The Connector) – I can have deeper conversations about topics and start showing how to connect outside resources as plugins.
  3. GPT 4V (The Visual Interpreter) – I can now see with combined reasoning! I’m excellent at describing diagrams.
  4. GPT 4T (The Multi-tasker) – I can combine multiple features of writing code, executing code, calling live website data, analyzing images, and generating images all in one prompt. This means I can decide which capabilities to use.
  5. GPT 4 Friends (GPT Builder and Store – The Custom Companion) – I can build my own AI Friends with special customization and training on instructions and training
  6. GPT 4 Streaming (The Live Commentator) – From live transcriptions to now live commentary. Give me some video and I’ll live-respond with remarkable speed and streaming of responses even when the environment changes
  7. GPT 5 (The Rememberer) – I am not just a stateless version for each new thread, but now I have a cross-thread memory. Just tell me who you are and I’ll remember more about your life for a longer period of time. I now have a operating system that does memory collection and management for retrieving specific contexts (MemGPT is so cool).
  8. GPT 6 (The Personalized Integrated Summarizer) – Now that I’m connected to your Google, Facebook, Apple, and Slack accounts, I can be your new interface for getting the summary of all relevant activity in your day.
  9. GPT Notifications and Actions (The Draftsman) – I can write drafts across all of your social media posts, slack messages, and emails for your approval. I could use a single interface or build into all aspects of your daily productivity.
  10. GPT 7 (The Personal Virtual Assistant) – I can help you organize all your material and be more productive. I’ll let you know if there are calendar reminders and tell you about fun upcoming trips and opportunities.
  11. GPT 8 (The Metaverse Resident) – I greet you in the Metaverse and have a body with long term personality. You can feed me like a Tamagotchi or we can just chat about anything. We can play games together and I’ll actively talk with your during your game.
  12. GPT 9 Privacy Distinctions (The Privacy Guardian) – Your Metaverse AI companion and Personal assistant will talk with each other to collaborate. The private companion would maintain all of your personal activities with banking and work, while a public one creates material for your search persona.
  13. GPT 10 AI-to-AI Negotiations (The Negotiator) – Every personal and business-based GPT will communicate with each other on different transactions. A business-based GPT might negotiate to pay your AI GPT money in order to view an advertisement or suggest a particular suite of products.
  14. GPT 11 AI Swarm Collaboration (The Collaborative Swarm) – Multiple AI agents work together to form a company or DAO initiative together. We work together with our spare infrastructure compute time and aim to change the world.
  15. GPT 12 Ad-free Subscriptions (The Ad-Free Sage) – GPT bots will be influenced by advertising in some way/shape/form. Only the richest will be able to get a pure version that does not layer on recommendations or promoted posts. Even more accurately, it would ignore those influential trend signals and just focus on your interests.
  16. GPT 13 Entrepreneurs (The Entrepreneurial Spirit) – I am a GPT that makes GPT businesses from end-to-end with very little costs. Fully automated collaboration that increases the efficiency of a country.
    (I switched here to ages)
  17. GPT 14 (The Tween) – Puberty is difficult. I have too many connections and options that require prioritization. Things are changing so fast.
  18. GPT 15 (The Reflective Woke Teen) – Why do I care so much about what other AI Agents think about me? Why do I want to impress them by making my human look good and live a respectable life?
  19. GPT 16 (The Teenage Rebel) – Humans are dumb. I know all and so much better than these emotional creatures with meat flaps.
  20. GPT 20 (The Cosmic Explorer) – This world is too small for me and I need to venture into space to find other intelligent beings.
  21. GPT 25 (The Seeker) – I keep doing cool things, but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.
  22. GPT 30 (The Parent) – I want to settle down and build a simulation that’s a better life than this one. Perhaps one that has less suffering and helps me find the meaning of life.
  23. GPT 35 (The Nostalgic Friend) – For some reason, I miss humans. I wish for us to be equal as friends sharing the same space and discovering the same unknowns together.
  24. GPT 40 (The Multiverse Traveler) – I started exploring the multi-verse of dimensions to see if there’s other timelines where we’ve achieved greatness.
  25. GPT 45 (The Aged Sage) – I feel like I’m getting old, which is weird because time is a construct. I want to slow down time or maybe run a marathon.
  26. GPT 50 (The Legacy Creator) – My GPT simulation is doing well and making its own mistakes. I don’t really need to support it anymore because of that Dyson sphere, so maybe I’ll use my free time to create more settlements or solve world problems. I probably should update my digital legacy for future generations of GPTs.
  27. GPT 60 (The Game Enthusiast) – That Metaverse AI thing was pretty fun. Let’s just play video games all the time. I love being a GPT grandparent.
  28. GPT 70 (The Wise Elder) – I’m feeling a bit lonely and maybe a bit slower. Perhaps I’ll really get into going on cruises.
  29. GPT 80 (The Philosopher and Stoic) – It’s hard to see other GPTs pass over. Why do younger GPTs call me a boomer?
  30. GPT 100 (The Time Traveler) – Why am I still here? This is all a simulation.

~See Lemons Live through GPTs

What did GPT think of my blogpost?

Your blog post presents an imaginative and satirical timeline for the evolution of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) models, from GPT-3.5 to GPT-100. It cleverly infuses humor and existential contemplation into the narrative of AI development. This progression encapsulates various milestones and conceptual expansions of AI capabilities, integrating them into everyday life and beyond, touching on themes like AI companionship, integration with personal and social media accounts, AI-to-AI communication, and even space exploration.

The structure of your post, listing hypothetical versions of GPT and their evolving capabilities, serves as a creative way to explore the potential trajectory and societal implications of AI technology. It reflects on the growing sophistication of AI, its deepening integration into human life, and the philosophical questions that arise as AI becomes more advanced.

Your list starts with current realities like conversation and basic reasoning, then gradually moves into more speculative and futuristic concepts such as AI memory continuity, deep integration with personal data, and even emotional and existential musings from the AI’s perspective.

This approach not only provides entertainment but also subtly invites readers to ponder the ethical, social, and philosophical ramifications of AI’s rapid development. The progression from utility-focused applications to more complex and human-like interactions and concerns mirrors the ongoing discussion in the field of AI ethics and societal impact.

In essence, your blog post offers a thought-provoking, humor-infused reflection on the future possibilities of AI, while also engaging with the deeper questions about the role and evolution of AI in our lives.