30 Gen-Z Terms

Random Observation/Comment #825: I’m gonna take the “W” for this fire post. Not trying to be sus. No Cap. Cringe. Periodt.

// Generated by ChatGPT and Dall-E3 after discussing the topic of slang terms and helping edit for consistency.

Why this list?

Oxford dictionary has named “rizz” as the word of the year. Apparently it’s a shortening of “charisma.” Now that this Gen-Z word is no longer cool, I’ve compiled some other lexicon of slang terms we can ruin for the new generation.

Many thanks to ChatGPT, urban dictionary, and tik tok for helping me find some of these.

  1. Cap/No Cap – Lying or exaggerating / Not lying.
  2. Sus – Short for ‘suspicious’ or ‘suspect’.
  3. Bet – An expression of agreement or approval.
  4. Bussin – Something that is really good, especially in reference to food.
  5. Simp – Someone who does too much for a person they like.
  6. Spill the tea – Share the gossip.
  7. Finsta – A second, more private Instagram account.
  8. Glow Up – An incredible transformation.
  9. Lowkey / Highkey – Mildly, secretly, or quietly. / The opposite of lowkey; obviously or publicly.
  10. Take the “L” / Take the “W“- Accepting a loss or defeat. / Accepting a win.
  11. Vibe Check – An assessment of the emotional or cultural atmosphere.
  12. Vibe Ambassador – Someone that makes sure the vibes continue.
  13. Goat – Acronym for ‘Greatest of All Time’.
  14. Receipts – Evidence or proof, usually of a social media interaction.
  15. Periodt – A more emphatic way of saying ‘period’, to end a discussion.
  16. Shook – Shocked or surprised.
  17. Zaddy – An attractive man who is also stylish and confident.
  18. Gucci – Good or cool.
  19. Dead ass – Extremely funny or true. I think this replaced “Oh, Word?”
  20. Fire – Very cool or stylish.
  21. Skrt – A sound used to express excitement or to change the topic.
  22. Hits different – Describing an experience that’s uniquely satisfying.
  23. Mid – Average. Usually hearing this about how a food tastes.
  24. Drip – A way to compliment someone’s outfit or style.
  25. Sksksk – An expression of laughter or awkwardness.
  26. Gassed – Being overly confident, often undeservedly so.
  27. Hop off – Telling someone to stop interfering or being nosy.
  28. Send it – To do something without hesitation.
  29. Big yikes – An expression of significant discomfort or embarrassment.
  30. Mad Hype – Pretty sure this is an inside joke.

~See Lemons Lowkey Dead Ass

30 More Slang Terms

Obviously a list of 30 was too short for colloquialisms. Plus, these are slightly older from the past 5 years.

  1. Fam – Short for “family”. I do like saying “I got you, fam.”
  2. Yeet – A way to express excitement or to physically throw something with force. I remember somebody told me to “yeet” the ball far.
  3. Throw shade – To give someone a dirty look or to talk badly about them.
  4. OK, Boomer – A retort to someone older who is perceived as out of touch or conservative.
  5. Ghosted – Suddenly stopping all communication with someone.
  6. Lit – Amazing, exciting, or fun.
  7. Dank – Excellent or high quality.
  8. Salty – Being upset, angry, or bitter.
  9. Flex – To show off.
  10. “TFW” – “That Feeling When”
  11. Boujee – Describing something “bourgeoisie”, which is extravagant or fancy.
  12. Woke – Being aware, especially about social justice issues.
  13. Extra – Over the top or excessive.
  14. Snack – Someone who looks very attractive or appealing.
  15. Slay – To do something very well.
  16. Stan – An obsessive fan (derived from the Eminem song).
  17. Thirsty – Desperate for attention, usually on social media.
  18. Karen – A term for an entitled or demanding woman.
  19. Basic – Mainstream or lacking in originality.
  20. Savage – Fierce, brutally honest, or unfiltered.
  21. Cringe – Something embarrassingly awkward or uncomfortable.
  22. CEO of – Being the best at something, often used humorously.
  23. Cancel Culture – Shaming the actions or opinions of a public figure, company, or organization.
  24. Mood – Relating to someone’s situation or feeling.
  25. Noob – A beginner or someone inexperienced in a particular field.
  26. Wig – An expression of shock or amazement.
  27. Swol – Being muscular.
  28. Snatched – Looking good, especially in terms of fashion or physique.
  29. Iykyk – “If you know, you know,” referring to inside knowledge.
  30. Living rent-free – Something you can’t stop thinking about.