“Our Life in Lists of 30” Book Preview

Random Observation/Comment #826: Writing is difficult. I have a list of 30 other things I would do before writing a book, which is why this book is 3 years late to publish.

Why this Book?

I wrote “My Life in Lists of 30” in my 20s and published it in Sept 2015 right before getting married in October. The preview of the book was how I proposed to my now wife. As I’m on post 825+, there’s certainly enough lists of 30 content to cover more major topics that coincide with the overall phases of life in a weird memoir form.

The book “Our Life in Lists of 30” is about my early 30s where I’ve explored adulting, relationships, being married, careers around blockchain, and early parenting. The pandemic project is now completed and I start the phase of marketing/publishing.

What sections are there?

  1. Adolescent Career – This includes professional mentorship, internship tasks, and business jargon phrases.
  2. Blockchain – I’ve outlined a lot of Web3 trends through the past 8 years of working in this space. Some of these are from the old r3 corda days.
  3. Married Life – A reflection on the little things and working towards the eventual wedding day.
  4. Random Adulting – A miscellaneous grab bag of different adult things you need to worry about like sleeping and drinking tips for 30+ year olds
  5. Parenting Life – Unsolicited advice about parenting as I lived through it and did a full retro on all the things that helped.
  6. More Day Dreaming – More random things including an adventure with Fyre Festival (yes, I went and it was pretty fun).

What’s your marketing plan?

Of course, there’s a list of 30! I’ve thought about my superpower day-to-day skills with building slides, creating architecture diagrams, launching Web3 tokens, and implementing AI tools. Why do I need to follow a typical marketing path? Why not be full web3 and AI native?

Am I a publisher? Nope. Can I heads down brute force my way to distribution via hard work and quality deliverables? Probably not. I’ll probably still reach out to a publisher afterwards.

  1. Leveraging ChatGPT and a specialized GPT (see: 30 Ideas for GPTs) for editing sections
  2. Improve on front page artwork using Generative AI tooling (Topaz.ai up-sampling of photos)
  3. Creative author photo leveraging Midjourney and Faceswap (Faceswap guide)
  4. Reimagine logos using ChatGPT and Dall-E by prompting over time (seelemons example, listsof30 example)
  5. Self publishing via Amazon KDP with the creation of a Series (My Life in Lists of 30 –> Our Life in Lists of 30 –> Her Life in Lists of 30 –> Its Life in Lists of 30 –> Their Life in Lists of 30 –> A Lifetime of Lists of 30)
  6. Create a set of slides for publishers to review – My Life in Lists of 30 Book Proposal, Our Life in Lists of 30 Book Proposal (in progress)
  7. Create a getAbstract summary for reviewers – My Life in Lists of 30 GetAbstract, Our Life in Lists of 30 GetAbstract (in progress)
  8. Write a blogpost educating readers on the Author/Publishing NFT case study in partnership with Phosphor (a beta Consensys NFT platform product)
  9. Write a detailed guide on claiming your “Our Life in Lists of 30” set of book NFTs. Don’t worry, I’ll cover the minting costs and make it super simple to obfuscate the cryptocurrency stigma.
  10. Use Generative AI tools to create NFTs off of the cover idea. Personally loving this one:

//Generated with ChatGPT and Dall-E after giving it a copy of the Our Life in Lists of 30 cover

  1. Create a video walking through the expected process with Phosphor so people aren’t surprised.
  2. Launch the NFTs on the Phosphor platform as a limited collection. Join via email and then receive an airdrop email with specific instructions on a specific date.
  3. Create a GPT Chatbot that has ingested the book and other material so it can be queried for more information (current version of this can be accessed here as a Lists of 30 Writer if you have ChatGPT Plus Subscription and will eventually be on the GPT Store).
  4. Create a video detailing how I created the GPT Chatbot for the book to help other self publishers.
  5. Setup a landing page on seelemons.com that can be SEO optimized and feature the collection of material about the book.
  6. Contact friends and other self-help authors to see if they would read a free version of the book and leave a review on Amazon.
  7. Build a list of newsletters with audiences that might be interested in this content. Create a clear budget on this for cross-populating readers.
  8. Build a list of contacts for distributing the book to physical stores (e.g. Barnes and Noble, Airport bookstores)
  9. Consider a social media presence. Start posting consistently on Instagram and maybe even Tik Tok. This would lead to short-form video content.
  10. Create a Lists of 30 themed AI video clip using all the tips and tricks I’ve learned in the past year. You can create a heygen.com instant avatar for free and have it read the lists of 30 in multiple languages.
  11. Create memes about Writing Lists of 30. There’s a ChatGPT plugin that can help with this called MemeCreator.
  12. Consider the underground Reddit presence. Share memes or write random lists of 30s in posts as responses.
  13. Host a launch party to celebrate the launch of the book! Yay!
  14. Record an Audiobook for both “My Life in Lists of 30” and “Our Life in Lists of 30” to be added to Audible. This can be done the old fashion way or via AI voice mimicking using ElevenLabs.
  15. Consider launching access to the audiobook through NFT token gating. Note that I’ve written an article with Tom Borgers called 30 Ways to Token Gate (with tons of examples).
  16. Consider launching a Discord channel where readers and book purchasers can join and request specific lists.
  17. Activate the paid subscription model within Substack for pledges. I do prefer to keep things free, but I’d consider this route if I wind up spending more time on this.
  18. Create a bot that posts a single list of 30 a day on the listsof30 Twitter/X/Threads accounts
  19. Launch a new podcast episode on Life in Lists of 30 podcast talking about the book (yes, there are 30 episodes and you can read my 30 Lessons Learned from Recording 30 Podcasts)
  20. Contact a publisher that would be interested in paying me to write “Her Life in Lists of 30”

How can I pre-order?

The best way to pre-order right now is to subscribe to my www.listsof30.com substack (pledge me a cup of coffee, if you like what you read). I’ll be sending out a message to all subscribers for the upcoming NFT airdrop and redemption process for the book (I’ll pay for your mints)! The typical Amazon pre-order way will also be available.

This will all be a January 2024 thing as I prepare to decompress for the next 2 weeks. Happy Holidays, y’all!

~See Lemons Publish Another Book!

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Twitter/X: @listsof30

If you want to collaborate or just chat about my book publishing process, you can email: listsof30@gmail.com