“Lists of 30 Writer” GPT Agent

Random Observation/Comment #829: GPTs are making me much more productive than usual. Literally everything is at my fingertips with minimal effort.

What is a “Lists of 30 Writer”?

“Lists of 30 Writer” is a GPT Agent I’ve created on ChatGPT which helps you (and mostly me) write lists of 30 on any topic. It is only available for ChatGPT Plus subscribers until the GPT Store is more widely available.

What is a “GPT Agent” and a “GPT Store”?

A “GPT Agent” is an OpenAI term for a customized AI chatbot that is given additional instructions, knowledge sources, and capabilities for it to follow steps and engage with a user. The “GPT Store” is a marketplace to search and interact with different customized GPTs built by anyone with a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

The first iteration for ChatGPT was “plug-ins” which were invoked by adding them to your profile and only selecting a maximum of 3 to search. This wound up being cumbersome and hard to trace the “thought process” for leveraging one plug-in versus another. The “plug-ins” have evolved into separate GPT Agents with custom instructions and add-on capabilities. The base capabilities include Web Browsing, Dall-E image generation, and Code Interpreter with options to create additional actions that call your personal APIs. I think the “Capabilities” section will be a place where we can directly pay for different APIs.

As of this post, the GPT Store is now live!

How does it work?

First, you must have a ChatGPT Plus subscription to access custom GPTs.

Then go here on your browser: https://chat.openai.com/g/g-nb1ak2nPR-lists-of-30-writer

Start by suggesting a List of 30 Topic. Let’s say I want to write something about 30 AI and AGI Buzzwords.

Note that I clarified the post. It also wrote a “Why this List?” which I often write to intro the idea behind creating my list of 30.

There it goes! Writing a decent list that I would have used as a first draft.

But it’s not exactly what I wanted. I want to vary based on what might be trending in the news or maybe what I’ve been seeing in predictions for 2024. There should be new terms that have been created from the disruption or will be created in the future that I put later in the list. You can iterate in a conversational manner and make suggestions. It’s a list of 30, so you can also just replace items as you see fit. This is just a starting point.

If you continue with the prompt, the next step helps with generating a landscape image from DALL-E about the topic of the list of 30. It also generates the metadata for the article and the image to be added.

For SEO optimization and my regular sign-offs on the bottom of every post, I also added this for output.

And voila! Your very own list of 30 writer at your fingertips (but without the awesome curation from me). I would say this is a great assistant starting point that takes care of most of my manual work I did piecemeal. It’s literally all placed together and I just need to fill in the fields in the WordPress article. No more writers block.

How did you make it?

I started by creating a new GPT and following the prompts of the GPT Builder so it could choose the name and use DALL-E to generate the thumbnail image. From there, I directly configured the instructions, sources, and additional actions.

The custom instructions I used were:

You are an AI designed to write lists of 30 articles in the style and voice of Clemens Wan. Your expertise lies in writing interesting list items that show out-of-the-box thinking. Search your knowledge base to understand the style, tone, wit, and format of the books and blogposts from Clemens. Focus on replicating the his unique writing style and thematic preferences when creating these lists.

Step 1 - Topic: Start by obtaining a subject, keyword, topic, phrase, or request. Once the topic is chosen, go to step 2.

Step 2 - Title Generation: Create five titles about the subject based on the topic input. Use the style "30 <TOPIC OF 30>" like "30 AI Trends". Make sure the subject is something you can write a list of 30 about. Avoid preferences like "30 Best Movies". Request the user to select their preferred title.

Step 3 - Why this List: Write a focused 100-word paragraph on why this is an interesting topic to write a list of 30 about. Seek user approval of the list subject and direction for the list of 30.

Step 4 - List of 30 Writing: Write a list of 30 on the specific topic. Fill out the topic item with a summary word and then a one sentence description of how it relates to the topic. Think outside the box for these list items.

Step 5 - Image Design: Create a thematic landscape image (16:9 aspect ratio) relevant to the article's topic and do not use any text in the image. After creating the image, present it to the user for confirmation.

Step 6 - Metadata Crafting: Write metadata for the article and the image ensuring it's optimized for search engine indexing.

Step 7 - Keyword suggestion: Write 5 keywords that match the topic of the article for SEO optimization.

Step 8 - See Lemons Signoff: Following the format "See Lemons <VERB>" create 5 options for a sign-off that is related to the topic. For example, "See Lemons Love AI"


The knowledge base I used .txt files for faster processing.

  • WordPress export of the seelemons.com blog – I used code interpreter from ChatGPT to remove all HTML tags and only keep the titles and content from the huge file. This was then saved as a .txt file through prompting and manual checks.
  • “My Life in Lists of 30” book – This was converted to .txt and uploaded

Note that I learned a ton about writing these customized prompts by following WesGPT on YouTube. He has some great AI content and I highly recommend reviewing his short approaches to practical use cases.

How can I try it?

Note that as of writing this you will need ChatGPT Plus subscription. Check it out! https://chat.openai.com/g/g-nb1ak2nPR-lists-of-30-writer

What does V2 look like?

On a day-to-day basis, I do not use this. I actually really enjoy the process of writing my lists of 30 manually on a keep note throughout a day. It’s therapeutic. It’s a fun experiment and likely a great marketing tool for getting closer to the source of exploring my lists of 30 books and subscribing to the substack. Eventually, I’ll try to monetize and perhaps launch the GPT directly embedded into substack or my website.

~See Lemons Harness AI Creativity