“Our Life in Lists of 30” Assets

Random Observation/Comment #833: Retired Clemens will probably still write Lists of 30.

What’s Published?

I’ve been writing lists of 30 for almost 10 years now. My first List of 30 was pretty meta as an outline of the 30 Day Challenge of writing 30 lists of 30 in Oct 2014. If you’re curious, this was the post on Dec 1, 2014 reflecting on the 30 Lessons learned from writing 30 lists of 30.

Throughout the past decade, I’ve been a tech enthusiast basically experimenting with any new tool I could find that could increase viewership into different channels and mediums. As with all habits, the upkeep and discipline must be second nature and requires dedication. Alas, many of these experiments did not necessarily yield consistent followings (nor did I have the time to be a good advocate for my own work). I did, however, make a lot of fun things.

Instagram account (@listsof30) with mindmaps (made with SimpleMind Pro) for each list of 30. Surprisingly easy to just copy and paste from clipboard to create it fully.

My Life in Lists of 30 – Free PDF downloadeBook and Paperback on Amazon

Lists of 30 Podcast Lessons Learned from Recording 30 Podcasts.

“Our Life in Lists of 30” Book Proposal in Google slides.

“Our Life in Lists of 30” Get Abstract Summary as a PDF.

“Our Life in Lists of 30” Sample Chapter: RANDOM ADULTING in Google Docs.

Lists of 30 Monthly Newsletter summaries and cross-posting on Substack.

Lists of 30 Writer GPT Agenthttps://www.listsof30.com/p/lists-of-30-writer-gpt-agent

(Updated this with the TXT of the latest book – this is my personal AI writing assistant for little edits, SEO metadata writing, and hero image creation)

ChatGPT Plus Subscription required to access: https://chat.openai.com/g/g-nb1ak2nPR-lists-of-30-writer

Fully AI Generated YouTube Video (Clembot Avatar reading 30 Self Proclaimed Titles):

What’s Next?

I started a few projects that need wrapping up. There’s probably a list of 30 about this floating somewhere, but this is what came to mind.

  • Lists of 30 Audiobook – I started recording a video of myself reading my lists of 30 and I didn’t really like it. I might as well finish doing it and post it on ACX.
  • Lists of 30 Short-form Video – Out of the audiobook video recordings or some other random creative system, I think it’d be fun to come up with an easy-to-replicate format. Maybe it’s a live mindmap creation?
  • Lists of 30 Writer Mobile App – Customized reading experience for rendering different lists of 30 into topics and discoverable categories.
  • Lists of 30 Chrome Extension – Simple extension that provides a bookmark and random list of 30
  • Twitter/X bot on WordPress – I actually turned this off because it was getting a bit annoying, but I might turn it back on for my lists of 30 twitter. How-to guide for automated twitter posting on WordPress.
  • Lists of 30 Paid Subscriptions – I have a few one-time subscriptions pending from friends, but I have yet to turn this on.
  • Lists of 30 AR/VR App? – I don’t know what this would do, but I had written a Unity AR Foundation app for a hackathon and I might come up with something for interactive NFT publishing.
  • Other Social Networks – There’s been growth in Farcaster’s Warpcast, Meta Threads, and Substack Notes. I might dip my toe in some of these depending on where the writing community reads.
  • Collaborative Lists of 30 App/NFT Collage – While this doesn’t need to be an NFT, I like the idea of people writing lists of 30 together. This is the classic crowd-sourcing technique for coming up with good ideas.
  • Continued Lists of 30 Series books – “Her Life in Lists of 30”, “Their Life in Lists of 30”, “Its Life in Lists of 30”, and “A Lifetime of Lists of 30” are all going to be a life long journey to write and explore.
  • Our Life in Lists of 30 NFT LaunchHappening very soon! You should be able to claim your NFT on Linea via Phosphor and a free book.

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