“Our Life in Lists of 30” Book Launch!

Random Observation/Comment #836: It’s okay to be over budget and delayed when it’s your own project.

Our Life in Lists of 30 is now available on Amazon! Kindle and Paperback! Huzzah!

Oh look, I also have a Author page with its own unique URL: https://amazon.com/author/clemenswan

Follow the happy-path instructions below to claim a signed copy!

Claim an NFT via Phosphor

I have launched the NFT on Phosphor (a creator NFT platform built by the Consensys NFT team that launched The Merge, Shanghai/Capella, and Dencun NFTs).

To access the NFT Claim page, start here: https://app.phosphor.xyz/26cf2af6-7dbf-45b7-8d0c-0f59b58463a4/drops/b27e88f6-2128-4456-972b-aaa1f4f2eb56/5a7ea981-dbf7-4852-9fc5-876393145a1c/315d2d55-fbf9-42a8-9f73-9e4974c6f67d

Click “Connect Wallet” to connect your wallet of choice (MetaMask, obvi).

If you don’t have a wallet, then you’ll need to follow some Getting Started instructions (including downloading an extension and setting up backups to your Secret Recovery Phrase).

Make sure your wallet is connected to the Polygon network. (Why not Linea? Because it doesn’t integrate with Tropee yet. More on Tropee below. Please fix.)

I have covered all minting costs, so you should be able to just click “Claim Now” and sign the transaction with your wallet.

If you want to see your NFT in your MetaMask wallet, then go to your MetaMask extension, “NFTs” tab, and “+ Import NFT”. Enter the information in the “Import NFT” modal:

  • Address: 0xabafBE34D58Be8a1650147F9eC4660b8A17E4a20 (copied from the “Details” part of the claim page)
  • Token ID: 1

Why doesn’t the NFT preview launch? The thumbnail preview takes some time to refresh. I think it will eventually.

You can even view it on Opensea if you follow your own links to click-through: https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0xabafBE34D58Be8a1650147F9eC4660b8A17E4a20/1

Complete some easy Tasks to get Rewards

I’m using this tool called “Tropee” which I’m only using because it lets me prove that you own the NFT: tropee.com/listsof30

My page has “Tasks” which earns you points and “Rewards” where you can redeem them.

First you have to create an account to collect points. Then you can just clickthrough each of the tasks and help me with adding more subscribers and seeing some cool stuff I’ve made. The two big ones that will help me the most are leaving me a review on Amazon and claiming an NFT (which there are only 499!).

I tried to write my own review, but it probably will get rejected. Please be the first to write one for me!

The claims should be pretty straightforward. It’s filled with easter eggs. Here’s the one showing that the NFT claiming works and I’m able to collect the 500 point reward:

Get your Signed Book!

In the “Rewards” section of the Tropee are a few options. The “[ebook]” ones are literally just PDFs of my book if you wanted to read them for free. I think the “[Signed Physical]” copy is what you’re looking for. Complete all your points and you’ll see the instructions.

If you’ve claimed your NFT and written a review (submitted a screenshot then I will approve on my side) then you should have 600 pts and be able to claim the physical copy.

Once you claim it, you’ll get a secret message! Let’s monitor to see if this is scalable. Worst case is 499 mailed books.

Next Steps

Writing is somehow the easier step than marketing. I have used a few tools here to create a digital journey. Was it worth it? Probably not. A few more todos:

  • I will document the usage of these tools as a case study for Phosphor for those interested in NFTs
  • Video how-to for those who are interested in self-publishing
  • Audiobook publishing
  • Video associated with audiobook readings

For now, send me some feedback! listsof30@gmail.com

~See Lemons Publish Our Life in Lists of 30