About My 30 Lists of 30

30 lists

Q: Why do you make so many lists?

A: Lists are awesome. They don’t need any type of ranking – they just represent easy to digest brain dumps of ideas.  I think my brain is just a constant stream of consciousness and when I listen to it, it answers questions in the form of lists.  The act of writing a list itself helps me further process the information and remember what’s been reviewed.

Q: What’s the 30 List challenge?

A: Every day, for the next 30 days, I will publish a list of 30 items related to the list name/topic. The writing of the list will be done nightly in one sitting.  I may cheat and write the framing of the blogposts ahead of time, but I want to try to reflect all at once.

Q: What are the 30 List Lists?

A: Glad you asked because as Day 0, here’s my first 30 lists within a 30 list list form (I confused myself):

  1. 30 Favorite photos of 2014
  2. 30 Happy memories
  3. 30 Places I want to visit
  4. 30 Favorite movies
  5. 30 Things I want to do
  6. 30 15-minute activities
  7. 30 Things to be Thankful about
  8. 30 Interesting people
  9. 30 Side Projects that Never got Published
  10. 30 Accomplishments
  11. 30 Essential items (that I’d spend more money on)
  12. 30 Favorite Routines
  13. 30 Favorite Foods
  14. 30 Questions for Future Clemens
  15. 30 Pieces of Early Career Advice
  16. 30 Personal Lifehacks
  17. 30 Favorite quotes
  18. 30 Favorite Blogposts
  19. 30 Favorite Everyday Gadgets
  20. 30 Things to Teach my Future Kid
  21. 30 Favorite songs
  22. 30 Wouldn’t it be cool if…
  23. 30 Interesting Facts
  24. 30 Talents I’d Learn if I were stuck in Groundhog Day
  25. 30 Most Attractive Traits
  26. 30 Favorite Words/Terms
  27. 30 Favorite Games
  28. 30 Favorite Apps
  29. 30 Favorite Start-up Ideas
  30. 30 Funniest moments

Q: What did you learn?

A: I wrote a lessons learned, of course.

Q: What’s next?

A: I really like lists of 30. I’ll probably have a few more extra lists that I add here:

Naturally, I also wrote a book: My Life In Lists of 30

my life in lists of 30

~See Lemons Challenge 30 Lists of 30