I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to slow down time (I know that sounds weird, but it makes sense to me). I’ve tried improving my memory with “Moonwalking with Einstein”, writing in my dear diary, microblogging, taking pictures of everything, taking yearly video commentary on events and decisions that shape my life path, and this little blog thing that I’ve kept up since 2004.  I’m actually really impressed I stuck it out.  I definitely feel much more complete when I get a chance to write about random things that others can read.

Anyway, this is a running gallery of posts that involve pictures from my favorite times.

Favorite Photospheres:

Event Photography:

see lemons cheers



Best of 2013:

see lemons hands

Best of 2012:

see lemons bulbs

Best of 2011:

see lemons sushi

Best of 2010:

see lemons in italy

Best of 2009:

see lemons triumphant