Travel Advice


Travel is essential to my life. There’s so much out there to see…

~See Lemons Love Travel


This whole blog started because of traveling. I wanted my parents to know that I was okay while I was abroad in Japan, so I wrote everyday and started gathering my random observations/comments about a new culture.

What I learned after returning is that everything is a part of a culture, and life is a continuous journey of learning. Hopefully my travels don’t just cause you envy, but give you some advice for when you’re abroad.

I write on Tripadvisor often for reviews, but I still like to keep my own little checklist here.

Business Travel Advice

Places I’ve been, in no particular order (with my blog post linked):

How do I do all this traveling, you ask? I’m part of the Bad Idea Bears: 

Also related to travel, here’s some memorable photos from all those trips:

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